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The B.S. in Secondary Biology Education prepares you to become a biology teacher at the middle and high school level (grades 6-12), and is for those who are seeking initial teacher licensure. Courses in the program will help you master the content knowledge you will need to be successful in the classroom. You will study the structure and function of biological systems, including cells, tissues, genetics, immunity and more.

This program also includes courses in teaching students with exceptionalities, reading competency, classroom management, assessment and integrated approaches to teaching methodologies at the middle and high school levels.

Admission Requirements

  • Demonstrate proficiency of the College-Level Academic Skills
  • Conferred Associate of Arts degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 in all higher education classes
  • Completion of the Volunteer Clearance application
  • Grade of "C" or better in the following prerequisite classes: EDF1005, EEX2010, MAC2311C, BSC1010C, BSC1011C, and CHM10445C, or PHY2048C, or PHY1053C
  • Proof of passing scores for at least two of four subtests of the General Knowledge Test (GKT)

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