Records & Graduation FAQs

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  • If I have completed all my program requirements (or in my final semester), how do I apply for graduation?

    All college students currently enrolled must apply for graduation online.

    1. Go to MyDaytonaState
    2. Log into Falcon Self-Service
    3. Select 'Academics' from the menu
    4. Select 'Graduation' to apply

    Fill out the online graduation application, pay the fee online (or pre-pay in person and then fill out graduation application), and submit it for Chairperson approval.
    Once approved by your Chairperson, you will be notified via your FalconMail.

    Applications will remain "Needs to Finish Pending Work" until diplomas are printed at the end of the term (even if the student already finished all requirements before the term ended), then the status will change to "Awarded".

    If you completed a program previously but didn't apply for graduation, but are unable to login to Falcon Self-Service, please contact Include your full name, student ID# (or last four digits of SS#), and the degree program you are inquiring about in your correspondence. Communication of protected student record information will be sent to your FalconMail account.

    If you previously applied and paid for graduation, but did not meet requirements, you must reapply for graduation. Applications are not rolled over to the next term automatically. No additional fee is required for the same degree. If you have moved, please update your mailing address and phone number through on Falcon Self-Service.

  • What if I have a financial hardship that prevents me from paying the Grad Fee or attending the commencement ceremony?

    If you are having a serious financial hardship that prevents you from being able to pay the graduation fee, please email for information on a Fee Waiver. If you have a serious financial hardship that would keep you from attending the graduation ceremony due to being unable to purchase the cap and gown, we can direct you on how to apply for a cap and gown rental (there is a limited supply with the Student Life office, so only those with serious financial hardships need apply). 

  • When is graduation?

    The formal graduation exercises are held each year in mid-May. The Academic Calendar lists the specific day. However, the college does invite all previous Fall semester graduates along with current Spring and Summer graduation Applicants to participate in the May graduation ceremony.

  • How do I know if I met all my course requirements?

    Each student can run their own degree audit by logging by logging into Falcon Self-Service. Choose 'Enrollment,' then 'Enroll by My Requirements.' 

    If you have questions about your degree audit, please contact Academic & Career Advising. Academic advisers can also assist students in running and reviewing their degree audit and doing a graduation check down.

    All graduation applications must be approved by the Department Chair before being completed. Please contact your Department Chair prior to applying if you have any questions.

  • When will I get my diploma? Will it be mailed to me?

    Diplomas are mailed to graduates at the end of the semester on posted dates. For diploma mail out dates, please look on the academic calendar.

    Diplomas are mailed to the address given at the time you applied. If you move after applying, you must change your address prior to the end of the term in order for the diploma to be mailed to the new address.  

  • How do I get my grades?

    Grades are not mailed. Grades must be reviewed using by loggin into Falcon Self-Service in the 'Academics' menu.

  • How do I order an official transcript? Is there a fee?

    There is a $5 fee per copy. Official transcripts are ordered through Falcon Self-Service in the 'Academics' menu. If you are graduating this term, please check the option "Hold for Degree" so the transcript is held until the degree is posted.

    If you are not a current student, you may still order an official transcript.

  • Can I transfer credits from other colleges to Daytona State?

    Daytona State will accept credits from all regionally accredited colleges. This should be done prior to starting classes with the student being notified by email that the transcript evaluation has been completed. Students are also allowed to "transfer back" credits from another college to complete graduation requirements. Credit for courses taken at a non-accredited college can be accepted in certain circumstances with the appropriate documentation. At least 25% of a program must be completed at Daytona State.

  • Where do I go for enrollment verification for health insurance or loan deferment?

    Enrollment verification is available by logging into Falcon Self-Service from the 'Academics' menu.

    Students can also request their enrollment certificate by completing an Enrollment Verification Request Form with the Records Office.

    Insurance companies and lenders are referred to the National Student Clearinghouse for enrollment information and verification.

  • What do I do if I lost my diploma or want a duplicate?

    Students who have lost their diploma or need a copy may request a duplicate for a $10 fee at the Records Office or on any branch campus. Duplicates will display the original graduation date and name unless legal documentation is submitted and the student's name changed in Records. If you are not currently enrolled, please contact for instructions on ordering a duplicate diploma. All correspondence will be done through Falcon mail accounts only. Communication of protected student record information will not be sent to personal email accounts at any time, regardless of an individual's registration status. Please include your name at the time of graduation, student ID# (or last four of SS#) and year of graduation.

  • What GPA do I need to graduate? How many hours must I complete at DSC?

    The minimum GPA to graduate is 2.0 for the overall GPA and 2.0 for all classes taken at Daytona State. Students must complete 25% of a program at DSC in order to graduate.

  • How do I request a copy of my GED® Diploma or Transcripts?

    GED® transcripts or Diplomas are ordered through the Dept of Education testing office. There is a $15 fee. Daytona State cannot process official GED® diploma and/or transcript requests.

    To request a GED® diploma or transcript you can mail a Request for Official Florida GED® Diploma and/or Transcript to:

    GED® Testing Office Florida Department of Education
    325 West Gaines Street, Room 634
    Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400

    According to the Florida Department of Education web site, processing time is approximately 7 to 10 working days from date of receipt of the request in their office.

    For more information, please visit the Florida Department of Education website or call them.

    (850) 245-0449
    (877) 352-4331 (toll-free, Florida Only).