Assessment FAQs

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  • Are tests timed?

    Yes, some tests are timed.

    • PERT is untimed; the average amount of time to complete the exam is about 3 hours
    • CASAS is approximately 3 hours
    • GED® has four timed subtests for a total of 7 hours and 35 minutes and is usually scheduled one subtest at a time
    • TEAS is approximately 3.5 hours but please plan on 4 hrs
    • CLEP exams are 90 minutes (foreign language may take longer)
  • Do I have to schedule to take a test?

    Placement tests are done on a walk-in basis on the Daytona Beach, DeLand Flagler-Palm Coast, New Smyrna-Edgewater and Deltona campuses. Please see the Assessment website for days and times of each campus. 

  • What items are prohibited while testing?

    To maintain overall testing security, all electronic items to include cell phones, cameras, some calculators and watches and other items such as sunglasses and head coverings (except those directed for religious purposes) are not permitted. 

  • How long does it take to get the results of a test?

    Test results for PERT, CASAS, and TEAS test results are available immediately upon completion of exam. Computerized GED® results will be emailed to the candidate. Instructor makeup exams are returned to the instructors. 

  • What makes me exempt from taking a placement test?

    Florida rule 6A-10.0315 Common Placement Testing provides exemptions for some students. You may also be exempted from taking the placement tests if you have qualifying SAT and/or ACT scores, are transferring credits into Daytona State, have qualifying IB credit , AP credit, CLEP credit or if you already have been awarded a degree. Please click here for our placement test website for further information on exemptions.

  • Is there a fee for sending exam results to another college?

    Yes, if you are taking a placement test at Daytona State for another institution, you will be charged a $30 non-student proctor fee per exam. If a DSC student who is enrolled and attending classes wishes to send the results to another college/university they should request a transcript be sent from the Records office.

  • Can you proctor an exam from another college?

    We offer proctoring services for exams from other colleges. There is a $30 proctoring fee per exam.

  • Am I able to earn college credit by testing?

    Yes, DSC offers a variety of test that students can take to earn college credit. Please visit our website for futher information.

  • What is the eligibility for the CLEP/DSST/FLATS/APLE?

    We are an open test site for CLEP, DSST, and FLATS; anyone may test with us. APLE is for DSC students only who are currently enrolled in a degree or career technical program. Credit must be applicable to their program. Please visit our website for futher information.

  • Will APLE/DSST/FLATS/CLEP test results transfer to other institutions?

    Students are advised to check with the institution to which they are transferring.

  • Where do I make up a test for my class?

    You can make up a test for your class in Assessment Services. Not all instructors allow make-up exams, so you must make arrangements with your instructor.


  • Can I retake a placement test?

    The ability to retake a placement test varies. Contact us about your specific situation.

  • Does Daytona State College offer the FSA and EOC tests?

    Unfortunatley, DSC does not offer FSA or EOC testing.

  • How do I sign up for the GED® exam?

    Register and schedule a GED® test through their website or call (877) 392-3433. The cost for each of the four subtests is $32.00, for a total cost of $128, payable directly to PearsonVUE.

    It is recommended that testers only schedule one or two sections of the exam at one time for the best appointment times.

  • What is CASAS?

    The CASAS is the placement test which non-English speaking students take for placement into English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes. A version of CASAS is also given as a placement test for GED prep courses and Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs.

  • What is the CJBAT test?

    The CJBAT is computerized exam which measures skills that are needed by people in the Law Enforcement or Corrections fields. The BAT test is now given through PearsonVUE. Testers must register and pay through PearsonVUE.

  • What other Certification exams are offered?

    SOCE, FTCE, MSSC, AHIMA, ASE and additional exams are offered at various campuses. Contact us for more information.  

  • Where can I take the TEAS exam?

    The TEAS is given on a walk-in basis on the Daytona Beach, DeLand, and Deltona campuses. Due to limited seating, we suggest contacting the New Smyrna-Edgewater and Flagler-Palm Coast campuses for availability.

  • Can I take the placement test online at another location or in another state?

    The PERT test is currently offered as a remote online test, for more information please see our website. Assessment Services can work with prospective DSC students to schedule a remote testing session at a college near their current location. Contact us for more details.