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Who We Are

The Digital and Interactive Media Production program is designed to equip students with skills that prepare them for entry-level positions in media, multimedia, editing, producing, and related professions, embracing excellence and diversity.

We focus on broad, transferable skills, and stress understanding and demonstration of the following elements of the media production industry: audience analysis and estimation, media literacy, interpersonal and business communications, employability skills, portfolio development, community and multicultural sensitivity, and environmental issues. Throughout the program, students will build a portfolio highlighting multimedia skills. The program culminates in a final capstone project.

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Prepare yourself with a Digital & Interactive Media Production degree

career options

Video: Editor, Producer, Videographer, Digital Asset Manager, Livestream Producer, Broadcast/Digital Journalist

UI/UX design: User Experience (UX) Designer, Design Associate, Visual Designer, Content Designer

Interactive media: Everything from web, mobile, events, sales, trade shows, Multimedia Artist, Advertising Manager, E-business Consultant / Manager, multimedia consultant, Multimedia Journalist

Sound design: Podcasts, Social Media, Video, Radio, Digital Audio Technician, Multimedia producer, Studio Technician, Audio Technician, Audio Video Specialist, Audio Broadcast Journalist

Content creator: Social Media Content Moderator, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketing Managers, Content Managers & Strategist

Non-traditional advertising & design: Ambient music, sponsorship of events, campaigns in unexpected places and ways.

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Additional Information about the Digital & Interactive Media Production Degree

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Learning Facilities & Training

  • Well-equipped advanced studios and lecture rooms designed to meet industry standards
  • Classrooms outfitted with multimedia presentation capabilities, including high-resolution display systems, advanced sound systems, and seamless integration with industry-leading devices and platforms

  •  Top-of-the-line computer labs featuring workstations equipped with the latest design, multimedia, and video software to support creative and technical work

  • State-of-the-art multipurpose editing suites, filled with the latest generation of professional editing systems, including high-resolution displays and top-tier audio, video, and interactive software and hardware

  • A fully stocked resource center, complete with the latest digital cinema cameras, sound, lighting, and live video streaming equipment, all reflecting current industry technology
  • Innovative multipurpose workstations designed to accommodate bring your own device (BYOD) functionality, equipped with cutting-edge displays and professional-grade audio, video, and interactive hardware

These resources underscore the program's commitment to providing students with the tools and technology necessary to excel in the rapidly evolving field of digital and interactive media production.

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