Students assisting in a live broadcast production.

Your Path to Success 

The mission of the Broadcast Television Production program is to prepare students for employment as television and video production personnel. The program offers a specialization in Broadcast Television and Media Production stressing academic knowledge, problem-solving skills, work ethics, and specific occupational skills.


The Broadcast Television Production A.S. stresses a comprehensive understanding and demonstration of video production skills including studio and remote live productions, as well as recorded field productions.

A.S. Certificates that Lead to this Degree:

The following A.S. Certificates are embedded within this degree: Broadcast Production - Code 082400 (24 Semester Hours); Television Studio Production - Code 097900 (12 Semester Hours). You may pursue the A.S. degree and also earn the A.S. certificates while completing the requirements for the degree, or pursue the A.S. certificates to develop or upgrade your skills. Contact your faculty or academic advisor for details and course options.

Student remotely operating a TV production camera during broadcast.

Additional Information about the Broadcast TV Production Certificate

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