Massage Therapists are an in-demand career choice

images of massage therapy student performing a massage on a clientDAYTONA BEACH, FLA. (December 10, 2019) – Daytona State College's Massage Therapy program will admit a new cohort in the Spring term of the 2019-20 academic calendar. The program is limited access, but only requires a standard GED and students must be 18 years old. A background check and drug screening are also required to ensure candidates are eligible to sit for the licensing exam upon graduation. This cohort will begin in January and will graduate at the end of the Summer term in August. The program is eligible for financial aid, costs approximately $3,200 (including books, licensing, etc.) and classes and labs will meet during the daytime hours.

"The Massage Therapy Program provides a welcoming atmosphere for a diverse population of students," said Tassa Davis, Assistant Chair. "It is a 750-hour vocational certificate program with an emphasis on a medical/holistic model. Students are introduced to a variety of modalities to enhance their ability to work in various settings."

Massage Therapy is a unique blend of art and science. The program emphasizes overall wellness and has adopted a philosophy which combines eastern and western concepts. The curriculum focuses on the study of Anatomy and Physiology for Massage Therapists, Healthcare Concepts, Pathologies, and theories of bodywork practices. The history of massage and Florida laws are included in the course of study. Hands-on training will include the practical application of massage techniques, proper draping, body mechanics, and self-care techniques.

Students also take part in a clinical internship (the Massage Therapy Student Public Clinic) which offers an opportunity to work with clients outside of the student population. This is a valuable experience that enhances interpersonal skills and provides the opportunity to gain valuable client feedback.

"Now is a great time to be a Massage Therapist," said Davis. Massage Therapists in Flagler and Volusia counties earn roughly $17 an hour as entry level therapists and also have the potential to be small business owners. The Employment Projections from the State of Florida Department of Economic Opportunity anticipate a 17% growth in Volusia and Flagler counties over the next five years.

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