Photo: L-R James Keeling, Jim Enslin, Kevin McCrary, Edgar Santiago, Tania Williams and Sirena GiddensDAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (April 1, 2013) – Six members of the Daytona State College community were honored on Monday, April 1, for their life-saving response to emergency incidents, as part of the Campus Safety Department’s Wall of Fame awards program.
The morning presentation kicked off the college’s annual Campus Safety Awareness Week, which runs through Friday, April 5. During the week, Campus Safety will offer various demonstrations, as well as tours on all campuses to familiarize students with emergency phone locations, well-lighted areas and other resources to promote safety awareness at the college.
The Wall of Fame program recognizes students and college employees who have demonstrated exemplary behavior during times of crisis, or who have gone above and beyond the call of duty during a campus safety-related matter.
This year’s honorees, whose efforts included assisting in health-injury incidents, situation management and emergency-technology modifications, are:
Tania Williams, Daytona State nursing student
Edgar Santiago, groundskeeper
James Keeling, receiving clerk
Kevin McCrary, dean of financial aid
Jim Enslin, electrician 
Commending the Wall of Fame honorees, Campus Safety Director Bill Tillard said, “Each of their efforts are greatly appreciated by the Campus Safety Department, as well as the entire college community.”


Photo: L-R James Keeling, Jim Enslin, Kevin McCrary, Edgar Santiago, and Tania Williams