"I am extremely pleased to report that we have received the best possible outcome from the SACSCOC on-site committee which completed its research, interviews and campus tours this morning. I want to thank everyone – faculty, staff and student ambassadors – for your incredible work that made this possible.  The results of our 10-year reaffirmation of accreditation review will not be made official until SACSCOC’s June 2024 meeting, but the on-site team said during today’s debrief with DSC staff that DSC provided enough evidence to demonstrate full compliance with all SACSCOC Standards. The nine-person review team expressed gratitude for the collaborative atmosphere they experienced and were greatly impressed with the commitment of faculty and staff to student success. They also remarked about the vibrancy and energy on the campuses and the top-notch facilities. Their interviews with faculty, staff and students demonstrated clear evidence of our commitment to high academic standards and they were excited to hear more about our QEP pilot program – COMPASS – and the wraparound support offered to incoming students. Congratulations to everyone. It is a great day to be a Falcon!" (Dr. Thomas LoBasso, President's Update 9/28/2023)

Quality Enhancement Plan

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is an integral component of the reaffirmation of accreditation process and it must come from the institution’s ongoing comprehensive planning and evaluation process. It is also a reflection and an affirmation of DSC commitment to enhance overall institutional quality and effectiveness by focusing on an issue the institution considers important to improving student learning outcomes and/or student success.

The QEP addresses each of the following components (7.2 Quality Enhancement Plan):

  • A topic identified through the ongoing, comprehensive planning and evaluation processes
  • Broad-based support of institutional constituencies
  • Focuses on improving specific student learning outcomes and/or student success
  • Commits resources to initiate, implement and complete the QEP
  • Includes a plan to assess achievement

Daytona State College's (DSC) 2023 Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), COMPASS:  Coaching, Mentoring, and Persistence for  Student Success, focuses on providing personalized coaching and mentoring services to First-Time-In-College (FTIC) students early in their college journey.  

COMPASS is part of our commitment to the Building on Excellence Strategic Plan and our reaffirmation of accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Read the full COMPASS Proposal.

Read the FAQ on COMPASS for Faculty and Staff.

Read the QEP & SACSCOC Info Guide.

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  • QEP Pre-Planning (Complete)
    • Review QEP information on SACSCOC Website
    • Presentation of the process of developing the QEP, including the requirements, timeline, identifying gaps, appointing the QEP Committee, topic selection, budget, and finalizing the QEP and submitting it to SACSCOC to the Board of Trustees, the Senior Academic Leadership Team (S.A.L.T.), and the Planning Council
    • Poll Everywhere Planning Council survey to capture broad themes for the QEP topic
    • Review of the Poll Everywhere Planning Council survey responses to align them into broad categories.
    • Review of the Poll Everywhere responses from the previous Planning Council and the broad categories that resulted from those responses.
    • Senior staff members review and identify the top five broad categories that meet all the QEP elements.
  • Gather input & evidence and call for proposal (Complete)
    • Identify sources of data for the top five broad categories from DSC ongoing and comprehensive planning and assessment processes
    • Topic Selection Committee members selection
    • Topic Selection Committee handouts
    • Topic Selection Committee members confirmation
    • Draft letter from Dr. LoBasso
    • Send Presidential appointment letters to the Topic Selection Committee members
    • Kick-off Meeting to review, discuss, finalize process for topic selection and develop rubric for topic selection
    • Review QEPs from other institutions
    • Develop Call for Proposal process
    • QEP Website and communication tools
    • Presentation - Fall Planning Week
  • Select Topic (Complete)
    • Call for Pre-Proposal
    • QEP Pre-Proposal review by committee
    • Invitation for Proposal
    • Update on QEP website and communication tools
    • QEP topic proposals submission
    • QEP topic proposals review and grading via points rubric by committee
    • Review, discuss, finalize potential topics with Executive Staff
    • Update on QEP website and communication tools
    • College wide presentation and voting process
    • Confirm next DSC’s QEP
  • Develop QEP (Complete)
    • Action plan
    • Literature review
    • Timeline
    • Budget and committed resources
    • Assessment plan
  • Finalize QEP document (Complete)
    • Select QEP Lead Evaluator (must be submitted at least 3 months prior to visit)
    • Pilot program
    • Meet with publications regarding QEP document, signage, etc.
    • Determine on-site visit meeting rooms and reserve locations
    • Create student/campus awareness campaign
    • Meet with campus prep team
  • Submit QEP (Complete)
    • Final QEP document available for campus-wide dissemination
    • Send final document to publication
    • Continue student/campus awareness campaign
  • SACSCOC On-site Visit and QEP Review (Complete)
    • Prepare to host SACSCOC Committee
    • Train and support student, staff, and faculty ambassadors for site visit
    • Site visit scheduled September 24-28, 2023

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