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Our Associate of Science in Computer Programming Certificate program offers a robust and comprehensive foundation in programming, preparing you for an exciting and dynamic career in the tech industry. Designed to equip you with essential skills and knowledge, this program opens the door to numerous opportunities in software development and programming.

What You'll Learn

  • Programming Languages: Gain proficiency in key programming languages such as C, C#, JavaScript, Html, and Java, essential for developing a wide range of software applications.
  • Software Design and Development: Master the principles of software design and development, enabling you to create innovative and efficient software solutions.
  •  Certification Preparation: Selected courses within the program prepare you A+ Hardware/Software and Network Plus, enhancing your professional credentials and employability.

All credits earned in this certificate program are directly applicable to the Associate of Science in Computer Programming and Analysis degree, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition should you choose to further your education. Our program courses also transfer directly into other Associate degree programs, providing flexibility and a clear pathway to academic advancement.

Program Pathways

Network+ Certification: Successful completion of CET1600 makes you eligible to take the test to become a Network+ Certified Professional, adding another valuable credential to your skillset.

With this certificate, you'll be well-prepared for various roles in the programming and software development field, including:

  • Junior Software Developer
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Systems Programmer
  • Application Developer

Join our Associate of Science in Computer Programming Certificate program and set yourself on the path to success. Gain the skills, knowledge, and certifications needed to thrive in the ever-evolving tech industry.

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