We’re here to help!

When Daytona State receives a report of sexual misconduct or interpersonal violence, (as well as bias, harassment, and discrimination), our Title IX team responds to investigate and provide assistance.

Our Title IX team includes Title IX Coordinators, Campus Safety officials, our Judicial Affairs, team, and other College officials with training on responding to sexual misconduct and interpersonal violence.

In addition to conducting a fair and impartial investigation, our Title IX team can help you with:

  • Contacting emergency medical responders
  • Assistance in making a police report if you choose to do so. (The College will help you whether or not you choose to make a police report.)
  • Locating support services within the College and in the community such as-
    • Crisis resources, such as emergency shelters and crisis hotlines
    • Health, mental health, counseling, and victim advocacy services
    • Legal assistance including obtaining injunctions for protection
    • Visa and immigration assistance
    • Student financial aid assistance
  • Requesting reasonable accommodations in your academic, working, transportation and living situations.

  • Protective measures including -
    • Changes to academic, working, transportation, and living situations
    • Campus restrictions, no-contact orders and police trespass warnings
    • Compliance with court-ordered injunctions for protection
    • Safety escorts on campus
  • Providing you clear and accurate information regarding our policies and procedures and your rights concerning the disciplinary process and under the Equal Opportunity, Non-Discrimination, and Anti-Harassment Policy and Title IX daytonastate.edu/equity/titleix.html

On-Campus Counseling Services

Daytona State College Counseling and Accessibility Services provides confidential short-term counseling services to students, and links them to local community mental health professionals for long-term counseling, treatment, or therapeutic intervention.  Counselors are licensed and experienced mental health professionals. Services include assessment, crisis stabilization, and community referral.  These services are available for free to all students on the Daytona Beach campus and all regional campuses.

Our Resource Guice for Survivors of Sexual Misconduct and Interpersonal Violence provides information on your rights and available resources, including emergency shelters and crisis hotlines, health, mental health, counseling, and victim advocacy services, legal assistance including obtaining injunctions for protection, visa and immigration assistance, student financial aid assistance, and protective measures such as accommodations in your academic, working, transportation and living situations.

For more information on your rights and avilable resources, please view our Annual Security and Fire Safety Report