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Writing Resources

We have guides ranging from citation style assistance, general writing help, tips and tricks, how to use Microsoft Office, and more. Check them out below!

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  • InfoGuides

    Writing Strategies & Grammar InfoGuide

    Our writing strategies and grammar infoguide covers a broad variety of general writing help, including (but not limited to) grammar and writing mechanics, how to plan and draft your paper, confronting writing challenges, and more. We also have an FAQ available for reference. 

    Tech Help & Resources

    This infoguide is focused on providing instruction on some of Daytona State's more widely-used programs, such as the Microsoft Office 365 Suite of software. This includes guides on using MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. 

    Career Planning: Choose Your Path

    There is a lot of writing when it comes to finding a new career! Our Career Tips infoguide covers resume writing, scholarship essays, tips on taking timed tests, and more!

  • Citation & Research Help

    Citation & Documentation InfoGuide

    Here are links to our curated Library Infoguides. These guides were made by our writing specialists and focus on commonly-used citation styles at Daytona State, including MLA, APA, and Chicago. 

    The Purdue OWL

    The Purdue Owl is an online writing lab that accessible and is easy to use for many writing needs. It offers formatting guides for MLA citations and APA citations, MLA sample papers, APA sample papers, pre-writing questions, and many useful handouts and explanations for grammar troubleshooting.

    DSC Library

    Students who attend Daytona State College have complete access to an online database for course research and available help from the DSC Library. The InfoGuides and Handouts offer tutorials and plenty of resources for academic research and technology assistance.

  • Language Concerns

    Visuwords Dictionary

    An online graphical dictionary: "Look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts. Produce diagrams reminiscent of a neural net. Learn how words associate."

    Oxford Advanced American Learner's Dictionary

    This online dictionary is great for learners of American English: type in a word to find not only a definition, but also similar words and meanings, usage examples, pronunciation, and more.

    Ask Betty: Grammar in College Writing

    Browse different concerns of college writers, including: active/passive voice, cohesion, dangling modifiers, integrating quotations, sentence structure and punctuation, pronouns, style, verb tenses, tone, and word use.

  • Typing Tutorials

    Big Brown Bear Typing Tutorial

    This typing tutorial emphasizes using correct finger placement to improve touch-typing skills. Each level must be mastered before advancing to the next.

    Typing Games

    Watch tutorials from Sens-Lang, practice typing letters, symbols, or numbers, play games, or test your words-per-minute rate.

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    This handout is a list of basic keyboard shortcuts to perform tasks like copy, paste, select text, change font attributes, etc.

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The Attic

The Attic is the Writing Center's multi-purpose space. It can be reserved for meetings, group projects, presentation practice, and more! It features reconfigurable furniture and a projector for easy collaboration. The Attic's design and incorporation in the Writing Center makes it a valuable part of the creative process. Let it be a part of yours.

Faculty and staff can reserve the Attic for class, workshops, presentations, or meetings.

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Digital Makerspace

Coming Soon!

The Digital Makerspace will be an innovative area in the Writing Center Attic where DSC students have access to digital communication tools and creative technology in a supportive environment. Students will be able to create digital communication projects, such as podcasts, vlogs, and blogs. Additionally, the Digital Makerspace will invite immersive virtual reality learning through Oculus Quest VR headsets, paired with creative and educational apps.

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English Studio

The English Studio (ENC0055L) is Daytona State's co-requisite approach to our introductory English courses, designed to shorten the developmental pipeline to college-level English coursework completion.

The English Studio is a one-credit group workshop designed to help students navigate course requirements, build critical thinking skills, and complete complex writing and reading assignments. Available both in-person and online, this guided lab is made up of a facilitator and a small group of student peers, who are also enrolled in various sections of ENC1101: Introduction to Composition, DSC's gateway English course. The co-requisite structure put students in direct contact with support, gives them the practice and confidence they need to become advocates for their own academic success, and the skills and confidence they get from the Studio are transferable to other courses and programs.

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