Daytona State College Inks a Pair of German Players for 2016


Daytona State College Inks a Pair of German Players for 2016

March 21, 2016

Daytona State College will graduate their first German player this spring. Alica Kandler, a sophomore outside hitter, who excelled at the highest level for the Lady Falcons.  In addition to being an exceptional player, she was a near perfect student in the classroom. After graduating from Daytona State this spring, Kandler will be traveling north to play volleyball for the Rams of VCU on a full scholarship.

Coach Stegall, has since brought in Tania Kottke from Germany, and set her sights on equally talented recruits from Germany thanks to the great services provided by Sandra Brunke from VolleyUSA.  Brunke is committed to providing optimal opportunities for her recruits to play collegiate volleyball in America, and Stegall has appreciated the relationship that she has forged with Brunke and her talented players.

For 2016, Daytona State scored two additional players from Brunke and VolleyUSA.  The Falcons welcome Sandra Hovels and Paula Fabian to the Daytona State volleyball family.  Fabian signed with the Falcons late fall, while Hovels just recently inked with Daytona State.

Fabian is a 5’10” OH/RS.  She presently plays for the same boarding school that current Falcon, Kottke, played for in high school in Potsdam.  Fabian is an exceptional 6 rotation player that has been playing volleyball competitively since she was just 8 years old.  Her many years on the court has translated into a keen volleyball IQ.  Additionally, Fabian is a fabulous student and is committed to her growth and development on the court and in the classroom. 

“Fabian is the complete package and will fill some big shoes as Kandler moves on to VCU.  She exhibits strength in her ability to pass and play defense and she has a strong hitting technique that will grow and develop power in the coming years.  Her work ethic and serious nature will benefit her teammates and the program.  I can’t wait to see Fabian in a Falcon jerseys this fall,” commented Coach Stegall on incoming freshman, Paula Fabian.

Hovels is a 5’11” middle blocker that currently plays in the highest amateur league in Germany. She too began her journey at a young age with volleyball, stepping on the court at 8 years old.  She exudes ambition and is an extremely disciplined and driven player.  Hovels’ experience in the game and ability to be an effective attacker on a multitude of set options will propel the Falcons offensively at the middle hitter position.  In addition to being an exceptional volleyball player, Hovels is also a strong student and is committed to pursuing a degree in science.

“Hovels completed our 2016 recruiting class and filled a major need in our roster, providing depth and experience to the middle attacker position. I was quite impressed with her offensively and her versatility and ability to run a slide.  She reads well and will provide a strong block defensively for us, as well. Fabian and Hovels will play a valued role for the Falcons, and I am confident they will grow and develop in our system at Daytona State College,” Stegall remarked on Hovels and the future of Falcon Volleyball.

The Falcons will begin training on August 1st for the 2016 season.  Daytona State is confident that these two young ladies will not only bring excellent volleyball to the gym, but also ethos and experiences that will enhance the Daytona State Volleyball culture as a whole.