Muscle Car Workout

Residents and visitors who are familiar with the Historical District of downtown New Smyrna Beach, Florida can tune in to WDSC (brighthouse digital Ch. 15, 1050, U-verse Chan. 15, 1015) and see one of the local businesses featured in "Muscle Car Workout."musclecar_400

Muscle Car Workout is a quality television production designed to provide an educational, yet entertaining, program informing its viewers how to rebuild "muscle cars." The show is based on the premise of a step-by-step process highlighting various makes and models of cars in the "muscle car" era.

Alan Goldstein, the owner and proprietor of Fender Mender, an auto body collision repair shop located at 208 Magnolia Street, is the man responsible for rebuilding the muscle cars that are featured on the weekly half hour TV series.
With more than 40 years of his life dedicated to the auto repair industry, Alan possesses such a vast amount of knowledge and so many tricks of the trade that even the most experienced car builder will learn a thing or two about rebuilding cars. "It's a car show for car people." Alan says about the series, "I don't care if you've been building cars all your life or if you're completely new to it, everyone will be able to learn something from watching this show. We do not restore the cars to the original condition, we restore them to new - latest suspension, new technology electronics, brand-new paint and brakes. This will all be done based on environmentally friendly materials."

The mission of Muscle Car Workout is to assist the novice, as well as the experienced car buff to rebuild their cars based on the information provided in the television program, videos and website.  Observers note, "It just seems to make sense to produce a car program here in the speed capital of the world."

Muscle Car Workout airs Saturdays at 4:00PM and 4:30PM on WDSC-TV-15. For more information visit Muscle Car workout's facebook page.
Last Updated: 3/11/20