Medical Matters

bio photoThis 13-16-week series is an informal, yet educational and informative discussion about various medical topics of interest to the public at large. The show will feature a wide variety of topics selected by the host/TV staff/ and public-caller input. It is a half hour show with segments devoted to show examples by use of video and personal demonstration. The host, Dr. Warren Hersch, along with a panel of special guests who are experts in their respective fields, will discuss the topic of the program in an informal, educational, and interesting format with use of audio visual aids. The public will be allowed to call in on a live format with questions and comments. A multitude of topics will be discussed. The topics will appeal to a majority of people and stimulate interest, including:
Plastic Surgery and Makeovers 
Common Prescription Drugs
Herbal medicines 
Legal Documents and Considerations 
Common genetic disorders / Down’s Syndrome
Sickle Cell Anemia
New dental technologies 
Alzheimers Disease 
...and more

Medical Matters Hotline airs Sundays at 7pm.
Last Updated: 3/11/20