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Suzanne Andrews’ level gaze focuses on you from across the room. In soothing tones, she convinces you, the next level of fitness is just one minor move away. “This is a simple move to tighten up that back part of your arm – you know the part I’m talking about,” her eyes dance as she talks, “pick up the detergent bottle like this.” 

Suzanne HeadshotCurrently Functional Fitness is broadcasting weekdays at 10:00 a.m. on WDSC Channel 15  (and Sunday at 6:30 pm on Channel 15.2) from the campus of Daytona State College.   “Functional Fitness” will soon be telecasted on stations all over the country.  Approved by NETA for public broadcasting, Functional Fitness is currently being closed captioned for the hearing impaired audience before it is offered to stations nationwide. 

Back on the television screen, Suzanne Andrews focused on the type of workout which can best help the novice or experienced workout enthusiast accomplish whatever their goals might be. “That’s what I’ve focused on now for years,” the licensed occupational therapy practitioner said in the studio after the broadcast, “I  make fitness accessible to people over 40 and offer three levels of fitness using household equipment.  With the focus on function, everyone can live a stronger, fitter life".     

 During the Pain Free Back and Neck DVD Suzanne Andrews says with great sincerity, "I’m not just an Occupational Therapy Practitioner,  I used these same exercises to rehabilitate myself after a car accident." That is where Suzanne gets her empathy from while instructing the back and neck exercises during the 25 minute Functional Fitness back and neck DVD.  Her patients say she has an amazing gift for healing and Functional Fitness is favored by doctors.   

Dr. Mache Siebel, professor of the University of  Massachusetts Medical School and founder of says, "It's not enough just to get older - we want to stay Functional and Fit and that's why Functional Fitness is such a wonderful show."  
Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews airs weekday mornings at 10:00AM on WDSC Channel 15 (Bright House digital 15, 1050 and U-Verse 15, 1015)

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Last Updated: 2/21/18