“Enviropals!” is a new 30 minute educational public television series created by two Volusia county high school teachers that you and your children are sure to enjoy. Seabreeze High School teacher Ray Grimard and Atlantic High School teacher Don Brunning are the driving forces behind the “Enviropals!”. They co-produced the scripts, wrote and performed the music, built the sets and props, and co-produced and co-directed the episodes which were shot at WDSC channel 15 studios at Daytona State College and various locations throughout the United States.  raerae_400

The series focuses on educating and ultimately empowering young people on the importance of preserving the environment and expanding their interest in science. The target audience for “Enviropals!” is primary grade children ages 5-10.

raerae_400The main character and the series mascot for “Enviropals!” is an adorable and informative Red Panda named “Rae-Rae”. Rounding out the cast is “Safari Stan”, “Safari Sue”, the “Safari Kids”, and 16 colorful and energetic animal puppets. The setting for each episode takes place in the "Housetree"; a delightful living space that is situated in the magical land of "Naturia."

Each episode has separately themed segments including: "Enviro-Do-And-Shows," "Envirotips," "Critter Connections," (2) music videos, and an off-site "Treemail" (viewer email) adventure. Each episode focuses on a specific theme such as air, water and noise pollution, weather changes, alternative energy, national parks, rivers and several other environmental concerns.

“Enviropals!” also has its own website at enviropals.org, providing information for parents and children plus lesson plans that teachers can use to further engage their students. These lesson plans accompany all the different episodes of “Enviropals!” and are written to conform to both the Florida Sunshine State Standards, and the National Science Curriculum for elementary school science.

Enviropals airs every day at 7:30AM, Saturdays at 7am, and Sunday at 8:30AM on WDSC (CH.15). For more information visit the Enviropals facebook page.

Last Updated: 3/11/20