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Anita Bevins - Program Instructor
Daytona Beach Campus
(386) 506-3936

Television Studio Production
Daytona State College offers a unique opportunity for students to learn digital television production in its state-of-the-art broadcast facility, WDSC TV15. Courses focus on teaching essential skills required for broadcast, studio television and studio media production. Program concepts and practices also can be applied to careers involving emerging digital technologies.

College Credit Certificate Program Code #0979
The Television Studio Production certificate is a 12-credit hour program involving three applied techniques courses and their corresponding labs.  The courses and their focus include:

Fundamentals of Broadcast Production (RTV 1000) Education

• Stages and Lighting
• Floor Directing
• Studio Camera Operation
• Videotape Operation
• Studio Camera Shading
• Prompter

Studio Television Production (RTV 1201)

• Field Videography
• Technical Direction
• Non-Linear Editing
• Studio Directing
• Studio and Field Producing

Studio Media Production (RTV 2222)

• Graphics Generation
• Audio Set-up and Operation
• Master Control Operations
• Jib Operation
• Assistant DirectingEducation

Upon completion of the certificate, students will be able to:

1. Exhibit team skills.
2. Model safe and efficient work practices.
3. Create appropriate lighting for location and/or set productions.
4. Operate a video camera.
5. Generate a studio and/or location footage.
6. Record, mix, and edit audio resources.
7. Use production control room equipment.
8. Organize and edit video resources.

BAS Specialization
Students who have earned an AA degree (60 credits) who enter the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Supervision and Management program must complete 18 credits in one area of specialization in a technical or occupational area, or other single area approved by the department chair. They also must complete 42 credits of upper division BAS in Supervision and Management courses to complete the 120 credit hours required for the degree.

In order to build a stronger business foundation, you can choose the Television Studio Production Specialization.

Program Overview



Credit Hours

RTV 1000

Fundamentals of Broadcast Production


RTV 1000L

Fundamentals of Broadcast Production Lab


RTV 1201

Studio Television Production


RTV 1201L

Studio Television Production Lab


RTV 2222

Studio Media Production


RTV 2222L

Studio Media Production Lab


MAR 2011

Principles of Marketing


SBM 2000

Small Business Management



Total Credit Hours:


Scholarship Information
Scholarships are available for eligible students through the Friends of WDSC-TV endowment. The scholarships will fund four credit hours of study and the cost of the course textbook. Scholarships are awarded through a committee based on need, merit and date of enrollment. The scholarships have restrictions, but as long as students complete the course requirements, they will also meet the requirements of the scholarships.

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