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MOCI students and mentors

What is MOCI?

The Men of Character Initiative (MOCI) provides underserved male students at Daytona State (DSC) assistance with their matriculation, graduation, and career transition by providing supportive enrichment and mentoring services.

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Our Purpose

The purpose of the MOCI is to assist Daytona State College in the implementation of its goals by increasing the number of underserved men retained each semester. This program emphasizes activities and supportive services to address the academic and personal development of underserved males. A variety of activities for MOCI are planned to address the personal adjustment needs of the underserved students at Daytona State College. All students are welcome to participate in MOCI events and activities and receive supportive services.
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Our Values

Excellence - Achieved through words and deed

Self-Awareness - Developed through reflection

Self-Respect - Earned through words and actions

Integrity - Shown through behavior 

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Our Goals

The goal of MOCI is to increase the retention and graduation of first-time enrolled underserved males. To meet this expectation, the Daytona State College staff has committed to a strategic plan that:

  • Collects environmental data using Civitas and student feedback
  • Enhances student campus life experiences
  • Increases community outreach activities and strengthens relationships with community partners 
  • Encourages mentorship and academic excellence
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Our Services

  • Mentoring
  • Academic Support Services through academic advising & academic monitoring
  • Cultural Enrichment
  • Student Advocacy
  • Personal & Professional Development 

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MOCI Contact

LaToya Shannon

MOCI Coordinator
Wetherell Center (Bulding 100), Room 205E
(386) 506-3826