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Tips on Applying

Don't take yourself out of the running before the game starts.
We know some people think, "I could never win a scholarship. There are probably a million people better qualified than I am."  If you meet the basic requirements for an award, apply!  Let the scholarship program committee decide who gets the award.  If you don't apply for an award, we can guarantee that you aren't going to get it!

Write, do not call, the sources you are interested in!
We have found that many students try to determine if they are eligible for an award based solely on a phone call. Most private sector programs have a fairly complicated list of requirements you must meet in order to apply, and the best way for you to get accurate and complete information is in writing. We suggest you use a standard form letter to request information. This method saves time and avoids duplication of effort. You'll spend enough time being creative after you get the application. Make it easy and quick to get information back to you by enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your form letter.

Be complete and concise.
You're going to be filling out a lot of forms to apply for scholarships, so , but also creative. The people who who read your application want to know "the real you." Clearly emphasize your ambitions, your motivations and what makes you different from everyone else who is applying. You've got to give someone a reason for choosing you over many other qualified candidates.

Apply in Advance.
Apply for an award as far in advance of the deadline date as possible, and then stay in touch.

Don't let them forget about you.
If you have any new material to support your application after you have submitted it, send it. Private sector programs are competitive, so compete!

Don't Get discouraged!
Don't be too discouraged if you are turned down for an award; apply again next year. Sometimes hundreds of people apply for only one award, and even the best qualified candidates don't get a scholarship every time they apply. Be persistent! We've found that persistence is one of the qualities that distinguishes many successful scholarship candidates.  

An Interesting Scholarship Trend.
If you're at the top of your class scholastically, take heart, there are a lot of colleges out there that might give you some money. A little college shopping will show if you are considered a hot college prospect. If you are, you'll find that more schools today will offer you some type of academic merit scholarship to encourage you to enroll. Shop for a school the way you would buy a car. Find several you like, look under the hood, talk to a previous owner, and see what kind of financial terms they'll give you before you sign on the dotted line. Although the majority of college financial aid is still based on need, the trend toward merit-based awards is getting stronger. Many private schools (even very selective private schools) now have to compete with lower cost public institutions for top students - and you're the winner.

Steps to Apply for Daytona State Foundation Scholarships Online:

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