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What is the definition of a Bachelor of Applied Science degree?
The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) is the designated degree for flexible baccalaureate programs that are designed to accommodate the unique demands required for entry to and advancement in specific workforce sectors. BAS programs provide degree-completion opportunities for students from a variety of educational backgrounds, but primarily those with an associate degree or equivalent. BAS degree programs within the state of Florida conform to all articulation conventions (including common course prerequisites, and common course numbering). BAS programs typically include capstone experiences that provide opportunities for students to demonstrate the application of acquired knowledge, skills and competencies.

What does the BAS program provide to associate degree graduates?
Associate degree programs traditionally consist of coursework specific to occupational or technical fields and may not transfer to conventional baccalaureate programs. However, general education course work (core courses) can be applied to the core requirements of many educational institutions. Associate degree graduates are invited to apply to the BAS program. Associate of Arts graduates who wish to upgrade their career also may apply. Additional coursework within an occupational/technical program of study (e.g., accounting technology, computer science, business, etc.) is required. This BAS degree allows for a seamless transition between the associate and bachelor's degrees.

What will the BAS degree provide for me in the workplace or on the job?
Many jobs today require a four-year degree; therefore, the bachelor's degree often can provide more employment opportunities and higher compensation for graduates. The BAS program concentrates on skills that are required to be an effective supervisor or manager. These skills include human resource management, leadership, organizational behavior, strategic management, customer relations and operational decision making.

Can I attend either as a part-time or full-time student?
Yes. To accommodate varying work schedules, BAS courses are offered during the evening and online.

Are online and half and half courses available?
Yes.  Please see the online schedule for available course offerings. Online courses require 100 percent of class time through the Internet.  Half/Half Web-enhanced courses require 50 percent class time in a face-to-face traditional classroom setting and 50 percent of class time through the Internet. In addition, BAS courses are offered in a six, seven, or eight-week format depending on the semester.

Can I apply online?
Yes! We encourage you to complete the online application.

Will I need additional General Education courses?
All bachelor's degree programs at Florida public institutions require 36 hours of General Education credits.  Students may need additional General Education courses to complete the 36 credit requirement, depending on their degree.

Is there a Foreign Language requirement to complete the Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Supervision and Management?
Yes.  If students completed two years of the same Foreign Language in High School the BAS Foreign Language requirement is satisfied.  If students did not take two years of the same Foreign Language in High School they will need to complete two semesters (8 credits) of the same Foreign Language at the college level to meet the State Foreign Language requirement for graduation.

How long will it take to complete the Bachelor of Applied Science Degree requirements?
Completion of this degree will depend upon your own timetable.  Bachelor of Applied Science students need to complete a minimum of 42 semester hours of 3000-4000 Level courses and any remaining General Education, Foreign Language, required occupational/technical courses (depending on the type of associate's degree you have).  Students must complete a total of 120 semester hours with a minimum of 30 semester hours taken at Daytona State College.

Will I be able to continue on to graduate school?
You can enter a master's degree program provided you meet the admission criteria of the program to which you apply.

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