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The Faculty Innovation Center is part of the Division of Online Studies and is located in Building 200, on the second floor. The mission of Online Studies is to promote the development of knowledgeable and innovative faculty and to ensure a high quality online educational experience for students.

We assist faculty with developing and procuring digital learning materials, online/hybrid course design/redesign and development and Falcon Online training. Working in partnership with the Instructional Resources media production group, we can assist with video and interactive media content production and development. The Center has some of the latest equipment and applications available including tablets, scanners, etc.

The Division of Online Studies at Daytona State College is ready and willing to extend assistance directly to you or your office, ensuring enhanced support for faculty members across all campuses. We are able to bring our expertise directly to where it is most convenient for faculty members, embodying a dedication to optimizing the overall academic experience at DSC. Book an appointment or call us at x3485 to get started!



Below are services, resources, and tools available for faculty.

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  • Equipment & Spaces

    As part of our commitment to our esteemed faculty members, we provide them with high-quality technology to use right on campus. Among the exceptional tools at your disposal are: 

    • iMac: Open, view, and edit specific file types that are not accessed on traditional desktop computers. Utilize creative or multimedia design software with ease. 

    • iPad: Experience the ultimate blend of portability and functionality with our newest addition to our available tech. This lightweight device caters to diverse academic needs, such as allowing you to annotate lecture materials, access your course shell through Pulse and mobile interfaces, or collaborate with colleagues effortlessly on video. 

    • Document Scanner: The Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 offers a powerful and efficient solution for digitizing books, documents, and other materials, all while preserving their integrity and streamlining the scanning process. This scanner minimizes unevenness in image quality and generates smooth images. The software can help you organize each separate page and even remove visuals like your hands holding pages open. With one-on-one help, you’ll learn how to use the SV600 efficiently. We’ll walk you through setup, scanning techniques, and advanced features. Say goodbye to skewed scans, misaligned pages, and missed opportunities. 

    There are also many dedicated areas within the Faculty Innovation Center that each serve unique functions to streamline your workflow: 

    • Screencast Studio: Make use of our dedicated Screencast Studio which can be used to create essential videos and screencasts for your courses. The ScreenPal recording software gives you the ability to record and edit screencasts and video tutorials effortlessly. A user-friendly desktop computer, high-quality audio and video equipment, and adjustable ring lighting will enable you to create engaging instructional material. For working alongside your students, a learning glass can be used to write on and work through problems together. 

    • Collaborative Workstations: Work together with an Instructional Designer in an open and welcoming space. Use our workstations to review your course shells or seek technical assistance with Falcon Online. 

    • Dedicated Computer Lab: Discover our computer lab room which functions as a quiet workspace for faculty and staff to jump on a virtual meeting or partake in certification and training courses without interruptions. Each computer station has a desktop, webcam, and headset with microphone.

    • Conference Room: Designed to facilitate productive meetings and discussions, this room is equipped with useful technologies and amenities of its own. Connect with remote team members or external partners through our 360° video Meeting Owl 3 Video Conference Camera. Cast your laptop screen wirelessly to the projector and television screens. 

  • Consulting & Course Review

    Please note, if interested in course redesign, refer to the Peer Review & eMentors page regarding this process.

    • Falcon Online: The robust learning management system for Daytona State College, named “Falcon Online”, provides a comprehensive platform for course management, content delivery, and student engagement. Our team of Instructional Designers will help you to create and manage your classes in Falcon Online. 

    • Universal Design for Learning & Accessibility: Collaborate with the Instructional Designers to design curriculum that can be used and understood by all learners and strive to eliminate barriers in the learning environment to develop courses that are accessible to everyone. 

  • Integrations & Implementation
    • H5P: Integrate an interactive content authoring tool that allows creating and sharing of engaging and interactive learning activities. With H5P, you can easily build interactive presentations, quizzes, simulations, and more, directly within Falcon Online. These activities promote active learning and help students reinforce their understanding of course materials. 

    • Honorlock: Sit down with us and learn how to ensure academic integrity and securely proctor online exams with Honorlock. This remote proctoring solution integrates seamlessly with Falcon Online, providing automated proctoring and advanced AI-based monitoring features. It helps maintain the integrity of online assessments while preserving student privacy. 

    • Microsoft 365: We provide assistance on how to use these products in your workflow and class environment. Access a suite of productivity tools and collaboration features with Microsoft 365. Faculty and staff can use applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams to create, share, and collaborate on documents, presentations, and projects. Microsoft 365 enhances communication and productivity within the institution. 

    • Respondus & LockDown Browser: Maintain exam security with this custom browser. Lock down the testing environment, preventing students from accessing unauthorized websites or applications during online assessments. We provide assistance on using these tools within Falcon Online including publishing your exams and question banks to Falcon Online and setting up your quizzes to use the LockDown Browser. 

    • Simple Syllabus: This user-friendly platform allows faculty to create and share syllabi with ease, including course schedules, learning objectives, assignments, and resources. Work together with our team of Instructional Designers to streamline your course organization and communication with Simple Syllabus. 

    • Turnitin: Promote academic integrity and assess the originality of student work with Turnitin. This plagiarism detection software compares student submissions against a vast database of academic sources to identify potential instances of plagiarism. We provide assistance in setting up your assignment folders to use these tools for assessment. 

    • Video Services: In partnership with the IT-Instructional Resources, our Instructional Designers can provide professional consulting services for any instructional video requirements for your courses from creating course welcome videos to more in-depth instructional content videos If you are interested in this service, please submit a Technology Request via the Unified Request System (URS).

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