Robert Koeneke Ramirez

Faculty - Engineering Tech

Professor Robert Koeneke Ramirez joined Daytona State College in 2010, where he is an associate professor of engineering technology in the Electrical Concentration of the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology. He has also served as an adjunct faculty at the University of Central Florida for 6 years, part time lecturer at  Universidad Central de Venezuela, for 21 years, and worked in telecommunication industry as a field engineer for 8 years, banking industry as computer center manager for 13 years and food industry as manager of re-engineering and systems for 5 years.  He received his B.Sc., in electronic engineering degree from Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas, Venezuela in 1977 and his MSc. in computer science  from the University of Santa Clara, California, in 1982. Koeneke is currently completing his Ph.D. in computer Science at Embry Riddle University. He has played a key role in promoting emerging technologies, research and education in electrical engineering by introducing and integrating a variety of hardware and software into the undergraduate curricula.

Koeneke has multi-disciplinary expertise in electrical engineering, and computer science. He has published several articles for the American Society for Engineering Education and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). He is a member of the ASEE, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), Computer Society of the IEEE, Telecommunication Society of the IEEE and voting member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).


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