Important Dates

Fall 2021

Registration Begins: April 15
Registration Deadline: May 28*

Spring 2022

Registration Begins: Oct. 28
Registration Deadline: Dec. 1*

Summer 2022

Registration Begins: March 31
Registration Deadline: May 4*

Fall 2022

Registration Begins: March 31
Registration Deadline: May 27*

* Students must complete their DSC admissions application, placement testing, and submit a signed dual enrollment form with courses selected for Full/A/B term courses by this date to be enrolled.

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Eligibility Requirements

  • Be enrolled in 6th - 12th grade
  • Have taken at least one high school level course
  • College credit programs: 3.0 cumulative, unweighted high school GPA
  • Vocational programs: 2.0 cumulative, unweighted high school GPA
  • Meet qualifying test scores

New Students

New dual enrollment students can only start during Fall or Spring semesters. 

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  • Confirm Eligibility

    Talk to your school counselor to verify GPA, eligibility, high school graduation requirements, and college readiness. 

  • Apply to DSC

    Choose "Dual Enroll" as your Academic Plan.

    Home education students must also submit a Home School Articulation AgreementHome Education Verification, and documentation from the school district verifying that you are a registered home education student to the Admissions Office

  • Placement Testing

    Visit any DSC Assessment Office for placement testing. Already have test scores? Submit them with your Dual Enrollment Form.

  • New Student Advising

    Schedule your virtual group new student advising session for an overview of the programs offered, how to select courses, important dates, dual enrollment guidelines, and your Dual Enrollment Form.

  • Complete Your Dual Enrollment Form

    Complete your Dual Enrollment Form, then connect with your school counselor to review your course selections. Submit completed forms to

    Things to Consider

    • Dual enrolled students are limited to 2 fully online courses per 15-week semester, with the exception of students who have earned at least 30 credits and have a minimum 3.5 DSC GPA.
    • All courses taken at DSC will become a part of the student's permanent college transcript.
    • Course materials and class discussions may involve mature topics not typically included in secondary courses. Courses are not modified to accommodate variations in student age and maturity.
  • Check Your FalconMail

    All registration questions and confirmations will be sent to your DSC student email.

Returning Students

  1. Complete your Dual Enrollment Form, then connect with your school counselor to verify you still meet eligibility requirement and to review your course selections.
  2. Submit your signed form to begin the registration process from your FalconMail student email. 
  3. Home education students are required to sign a new articulation agreement each year after July 1. 

Need to Drop a Class?

Submit a signed Drop/Withdraw Form on or before the dates on the Academic Calendar.

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Books & Access Codes

Public School Students

All books and access codes are obtained from your school.

Private School & Home Educated Students

Book vouchers will be emailed to your FalconMail account during the published book voucher period for each semester.

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Test Score Requirements

All students are required have college-ready test scores on file at Daytona State College for reading, writing, and math. Any combination of eligible scores will be accepted. For example, PERT Math score with SAT Reading/Writing.

Reading: 106
Writing: 103
114 (MAT1033)  or  123 (MAC1105)

Reading: 24
Writing: 25
Math: 24 (MAT1033) or 26.5 (MAC1105)

Reading: 19
English: 17
Math: 19 (MAT1033) or 21 (MAC1105)

Office of Academic & Career Advising

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.