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BSIT New Student Guide

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Hello and Welcome

This little guide is to help you navigate the curriculum as a new BSIT student. All the items here are also on the advising worksheet and in the program guides – but this will help explain the classes and requirements.

Mathematics Requirements (Pre-requisites)

First – let’s start with the required math. There are 3 required math courses that you need to complete.

Mathmatics PR
Required Class Equivalents
MAC2311 – Calculus EGN2045 Technical Calculus
STA2023 – Probability and Statistics
COT3100 – Discrete Analysis MAD2104 Discrete Mathematics

The Calculus requires a sequence of pre-requisite classes and depending on where you are in this pre-requisite chain you may have other classes to take to reach MAC2311. Here is the sequence of classes that are needed.

Calculus Sequence
MAC1105 – College Algebra
MAC1114 – Trigonometry
MAC1140 – Pre-calculus
MAC2311 – Calculus

Programming Requirement (Pre-requisite and program)

The most crucial of the pre-requisite requirements is the programming requirement as the C based programming class serves as a pre-requisite for many of the classes in the BSIT program. This sequence is:

Programming Pre-Requisites
COP1000 Introduction to Programming
COP2001 (C++) or COP2800 (Java) or COP2360 (C#)

Once you have completed your programming and COT3100 (Discrete Analysis) then you are ready to take COP3530 (Data Structures). Please note that you do not need to take all the C based programming courses listed, you simply must take one

Other Pre-requisite Courses

The other courses that are pre-requisites to the program are courses in Linux/Unix, DC electronics, and digital electronics. Versions of these courses are offered online. There are multiple courses that help meet these program requirements and students should always check to see if courses they might have taken as part of a previous degree will fulfill these requirements. Here are known courses that will fulfill these requirements. In each of these areas, students only need a single course as a pre-requisite

Linux/Unix PR
COP1000 Introduction to Programming
COP2001 (C++) or COP2800 (Java) or COP2360 (C#)

Digital Technology PR
CET3116 – Digital Technology
CET1112 – Digital Fundamentals
CET1114 – Digital Fundamentals

Circuts Fundamentals PR
EET3086 – Electricity and Electronics
EET3085 – Electrical Circuits
EET1011 – Electrical Circuits I
PHY2049 – Physics II
EET1084 – Basic Circuits

Program Required Courses

The program is made up of 39 hours of required upper level courses and 9 hours in a specialization. All students must complete 48 approved hours of upper level coursework. The required courses are designed to ensure the students get sufficient coverage in each are of information technology. The course are also designed to follow a sequence to allow sufficient depth of knowledge in that area. These areas are shown below and students must complete all course in all categories.

Computing and Programming
Course Pre-Requisite
COP3530 Data Structures COT3100 and Programing PR
CEN3722 Human Computer Interaction Programming PR
CEN4010 Software Engineering COP3530 Data Structures
COP4813 Web Systems I COP3530 Data Structures

Database and IT Systems
Course Pre-Requisite
COP4708 Applied Databases Programing PR
COP3610 Operating Systems Linux PR and Programming PR
CDA4101 Computer Org and Design Digital PR

Course Pre-Requisite
CNT3104 Intro to Telecom Circuits PR
CNT4007 Data Communications CNT3104 Intro to Telecom
CNT4703 Voice and Data Networks CNT4007 or CNT3104

Course Pre-Requisite
CIS4360 Applied Cybersecurity Linux PR

Other Required Courses
Course Pre-Requisite
GEB3213 Business Writing ENC1101
CIS4250 Ethics in Computing GEB3213
CIS4510 – IT Project Management CEN4801

Program Specializations

The program specializations are designed to ensure that students receive sufficient applied and concentrated coursework in an area to allow them to work as professionals in that field. There are 2 specializations available from DSC; Web Systems Software and Cybersecurity/Cyberforensics. Students must complete 9 hours of coursework in their specialization for the degree. In addition, Advanced Technical Certificates are available in both areas of specialization.

Web Systems Software
Course Pre-Requisite
COP4709 Applied Database II COP4708 Applied Database I
COP4834 Web Systems II COP4813 Web Systems I
CIS4510 Project Management CEN4010 Software Engineering

Course Pre-Requisite
CET4884 Security Methods and Practices CIS4360 Applied Cybersecurity
CET4860 Intro to Digital Forensics Linux PR
CET4861 Advanced Digital Forensics CET4860 Intro to Digital Forensics
CET4862 Network forensics/Digital Response CIS4360 Applied Cybersecurity

Planning Your courses

An interactive course planning tool (which will help you figure out your schedule) is available for this program at the link here.

Questions and Advising

You are likely to have questions about your classes and need advice as you progress through your degree. You should contact Rileigh Gherlone to schedule an advising appointment either by phone (386) 506-4138 or email if you have questions.

Associated Careers

The program here at DSC has advanced preparation for careers in the two specialization areas offered; cybersecurity/cyberforensics and web systems software along with the general IT based careers available to all graduates of BSIT programs. Students planning on this program should review the available occupations here to get an understanding of what is available. Please note that this is a Bachelor’s degree and the career paths at the BLS site are the ones that require a BS degree

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