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Counseling & Accessibility Services

Person in WheelchairDaytona State College is an Equal Opportunity Institution.

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Counseling & Accessibility Services (CAS) offers support services and academic accommodations for Daytona State students with documented disabilities. We comply with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, as amended.

According to these federal laws, students with disabilities "must have a substantial impairment to a major life function in order to receive accommodations." The impairment must be permanent in nature, or for an indeterminate duration. Temporary impairments are not disabilities under the law. CAS determines the types of support services and academic accommodations or adjustments for which a student is eligible to receive. CAS makes determinations based solely on documentation from licensed medical and or mental health professionals, which clearly delineate the limitations resulting from a person's disability.

The Mission of Counseling & Accessibility Services is to provide students with reasonable accommodations and professional counseling services to enhance their educational experience and promote their success.

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Teaching You to Better Help Yourself

The  Student Development Division  provides support services  that encourage you to remain a life-long learner. Our staff members, along with the professors and others across college, are concerned with your holistic development. It is our belief that teaching and learning are not limited to the traditional classroom - each occurs with every service and support we provide.

Teaching You to Better Help Yourself
Student Development services and programs assist students towards their academic and career objectives by encouraging self-direction and by promoting personal development and empowerment.

Our emphasis is on helping students to learn skills and strategies to better help themselves. It is our desire to assist students in learning how to find and use information, to learn how to make better decisions for themselves, form insights, and understand more about themselves and the world around them.

The staff at Daytona State is committed to supporting your efforts to meet your personal, academic, and career goals. We appreciate that you are a holistic person who holds many roles and responsibilities including those of student, parent, employee caretaker and friend. Our goal is to help you maximize your potential within all of these important roles. No matter which campus location you choose, services and resources are available to support your needs.

Daytona State College Counseling Services goal is to support the College mission statement by providing confidential short-term counseling services to students, and link them to local community mental health professionals for long-term counseling, treatment, or therapeutic intervention. Counseling Services helps ensure that students are able to cope with the many demands of student life. They are also assured that under the ethical and privacy legal guidelines they will receive professional treatment. Counselors are professional and experienced mental health professionals. Services are available to all students on the Daytona Beach campus and all regional campuses.

Counseling services are short-term and focused on helping students continue or return to the college when possible. Services include personal counseling, assessments, crisis stabilization, and community referral. Currently enrolled students at Daytona State College can seek free counseling on a wide variety of subjects, such as family concerns, adjustment to college, depression, loss of a loved one, lack of motivation, and much more. Students who require long-term treatment will be referred to a mental health community provider.

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Daytona State College is an equal opportunity institution.

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