Athletic Training Facilities

Athletic Training Facilities

L. Gale Lemerand Center Athletic Training Room

The Lemerand Center Athletic Training Room (AT Room) is the primary medical facility for Daytona State College student athletes seeking medical care for athletic injuries. It also serves as an educational facility for student athletic trainers during labs, sessions and inservices. It is located on the second floor (Room 210) of the Lemerand Center (Building 310) and is equipped with state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment. Modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, hot hydrocollator, hot/cold whirlpools, and ice packs are used to enhance athletic injury rehabilitation. Other therapeutic exercise equipment includes: exercise balls, step boxes, resistance apparatus (rubber tubing/bands, ankle weights, medicine balls), and proprioceptive tools (wobble boards, mini-trampoline, Body Blade).

The AT Room is very spacious, accommodating 4 treatment tables, a taping counter, water cooler rack, fridge/freezer, 2 whirlpools, a spine board, Athletic Training travel kits, computer area, and storage cabinets for medical supplies. Educational tools such as anatomy atlases and textbooks, a full size skeleton, and medically based computer software are kept in the AT Room and used during labs and in-services.

The Baseball/Softball Field House Athletic Training Room

(AT Room) is the secondary medical facility used to accommodate Daytona State College‚Äôs baseball and softball student athletes. It is located in the Baseball/Softball Field House between the two stadiums. Used as an emergency facility, this AT Room is only used for emergency injury assessments and injury management. It holds 2 treatment tables, an emergency phone, emergency medical supplies and an ice machine.