Injury Reporting Procedures


Reporting Procedures

The student-athlete is responsible for reporting all injuries and illnesses to the Athletic Trainers as soon as possible. The Sports Medicine Staff will make allof the necessary medical referrals as indicated. In the event of an emergency due to an athletic injury or illness, the athlete will be transported to a pre-arranged hospital or medical facility. The athlete should at notime seek outside medical attention for an athletic-related injury or illness without prior written authorization from the Director of Sports Medicine unless the injury results in a medical emergency. Failure to follow these procedures will result in the student-athlete being ineligible to play or practice with the team until allrelated medical records/documentation are received and reviewed by the Sports Medicine Office, and will result in the student-athlete being financially responsible for resulting medical bills.


Referrals to Off-Campus Physicians or Medical Specialist

All student-athlete ‘off-campus’ medical referrals musthave a prior written authorization from the Sports Medicine Office. The appropriate referral forms mustbe completed by the Health Care Provider and returned to the Sports Medicine Office for review before clearance for participation will be given. In case of a Managed Care Insurance policy (HMO/PPO), the student-athlete will also be required to follow his/her primary insurance policy’s specific referral procedures.

All medical tests, treatments and/or procedures rendered by Off-Campus Physicians or Medical Specialists, other than those approved and performed during the initial visit, mustagain have prior written approval by the Sports Medicine Office. All surgical treatments by Non-Daytona State College affiliated Physicians musthave prior written approval by the Coordinator of Sports Medicine (See Section IV).

Daytona State College and the Athletic Department shall not be responsible for any charges incurred due to examination, tests, treatments, and/or surgeries by physicians, consultants, and/or hospitals if these procedures are not followed.



The Athletic Training Clinic is located in the Lemerand Center.  Clinic hours are posted with each sport season. All Athletesare expected to adhere to the Athletic Training Clinic Rules which are reviewed during orientation and are posted in the clinic. Treatment/rehabilitation and taping will be available to all athletes, but those in-season will receive first priority. Failure of an injured athlete to keep treatment and/or rehabilitation appointments will be interpreted as the athlete’s unwillingness to cooperate with the Sports Medicine Staff for the earliest possible return to competition and may result in the student-athlete being ineligible to participate in any Daytona State College athletic activity. The Head Coach will be informed if athletes fail to keep appointments.

In some cases it may be necessary for the athlete to receive rehabilitation at a physical therapy clinic off campus. If the injury being rehabilitated occurred during participation in a DSC-sanctioned sporting event, DSC’s secondary insurance policy will be billed for any amount not covered by the athlete’s primary policy.


Practice or Game Participation for an Injured or Ill Athlete:

Decisions about the availability of an athlete for practice or game competition shall be the sole responsibility of the members of the Daytona State College Sports Medicine Staff. A student-athlete who is feeling too ill or injured to participate MUST contact the athletic training staff prior to that day’s practice.



Reporting Procedures

Injuries or illnesses sustained outside of Daytona State College Athletics must be reported to the Office of Sports Medicine at the student’s earliest convenience. If the student desires, the Sports Medicine Staff will make any of the necessary medical referrals as indicated. The Team Physician makes weekly visits to the Athletic Training Room to evaluate ill or injured athletes at no cost to the athlete. If the student chooses to be seen by someone other than Daytona State College’s Sports Medicine staff, he/she must provide our office with written documentation regarding the condition prior to return to athletic activity. This may be done by obtaining a referral form from the Office of Sports Medicine to be completed by the physician. The final decision as to whether a student-athlete may participate in any varsity sport activity rests with Daytona State College’s Team Physician.


Out of Season Injury

Daytona State College shall NOT assume responsibility for care of injuries incurred when the student-athlete is not actively engaged in a formal, official game or practice during an NJCAA allowable season. Questions in this area should be referred to the Director of Athletics or the Director of Athletic Training.