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The School of Social Science & World Languages provides students with opportunities to advance their intellectual development by helping them gain an understanding of human behavior, societies, historical evolution, political systems, and knowledge of various world languages. This is accomplished through course offerings in psychology, sociology, philosophy, political science, geography, history; as well as languages such as American Sign Language, French, German, or Spanish. Our courses impart excellent knowledge of the cultures, social processes, and languages of various cultures within our own country and around the world. It is our conviction that through communication with others, we can together achieve mutual understanding. The educational experience for students is augmented by various student clubs.

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Civic Literacy Requirement

The State of Florida requires that all students graduating from Daytona State College and other institutions in the Florida College System (FCS), as well as from any State University System (SUS) institution, fulfill a Civic Literacy Competency requirement prior to submitting an Intent to Graduate form in the term they plan to graduate. Beginning in Fall 2018, students entering a Florida public institution as an Associate in Arts and bachelor’s degree-seeking First-Time-In-College (FTIC) student need to demonstrate civic literacy through either taking a certain course or passing an exam. The 2021 Florida Legislature amended the statute and now requires students entering a Florida public institution to complete both a civic literacy course and exam.

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