Lady Falcons Assist Junior League in Shopping Event for Daytona Beach Youth


Lady Falcons Assist Junior League in Shopping Event for Daytona Beach Youth 

September 22, 2015

While some had never owned a pair of new shoes, 128 children from four title one schools in Daytona Beach had the chance to not only get a new pair of shoes but new clothes to get the school year off on the right foot.

Through a partnership with JCPenny, and their own fundraising efforts, the Junior League was able to raise $19,000 to purchase gift cards for the at-risk students. Many organizations from the Daytona Beach college community helped make the day a success, and Daytona State College was well represented in this group.  The Women’s Softball and Volleyball teams partnered with the Junior League to assist the Daytona Beach youth in their shopping adventure.

“It’s great for the volunteers to see a child who has never had a new pair of shoes or lots of clothes to pick out whatever they want,” Junior League President, Darlynn Tacinelli said. “It’s a different experience than donating items or giving hand-me-downs. It’s very touching. You get to watch this kid who’s so excited to pick out his own jacket, and you just walk away with tears in your eyes.”

For more than a decade, the league has been providing the unique opportunity for not only the children to experience new clothes, but for the volunteers to see how their service directly impacts the community.  It was an amazing opportunity for these children, but an equally adventitious opportunity for the volunteers. 

“It was neat to see our players connect directly with these students and work alongside them to make great selections.  I think it provided our team with some real-life perspective, as well as, an opportunity to learn about servant leadership and the positive role they can play as student-athletes at Daytona State College.  These ladies made a difference today,” commented Head Softball Coach, Sabrina Manhart.

The Junior League staff was extremely grateful for the volunteers that came out to assist in making the day a success.  Amy Ringue, Junior League representative commented, “Your ladies helped children from Title I schools in Daytona Beach shop for back-to-school clothes and shoes at JCPennys. They were enthusiastic and patient with the children who in some cases were getting new clothes and shoes for the first time in their lives. It was a wonderful event, and the Falcons were stellar! Kudos to you and your athletic program.”

The Falcons look to be involved in future ventures in the Daytona Beach Community this fall.