PTP in the ASC

Womens Basketball

Michele Pehlam, an academic advisor in the Academic Support Center, sat in her office feeling a combination of the sense of satisfaction mixed with disappointment.   She had just finished helping a women’s basketball player prepare for an upcoming exam.  Pehlam was thrilled that the individual time she invested with the student-athlete was beneficial, but she wished that there was a way that she could do more throughout the course of the entire semester. 

Pehlam was challenged with how could she make sure this student, as well as, others like her truly exceled in the classroom.  Little did Pehlam know, Coach Cochran was perplexed by the same thoughts.  Several of his players were having a difficult time with areas of their academics. He pondered what could be done to ensure his players received the individual help and support they needed in many of their classes.

Cochran and Pehlam shared their feelings regarding student-athlete success.  As they began to share their thoughts, Cochran knew that he had found his answer.  Over the next year, the two met occasionally to talk and brainstorm about proactive solutions for student success.  

Finally in August 2013, the program was ready to launch.  Both wanted to create an environment where players would work together to help each other through various courses, in addition to the help and support of an academic advisor.   The blossoming academic outreach program has been tabbed, Peer Tutoring Partners or "PTP". Monday thru Thursday, Pehlam meets with small groups of women's basketball players in the Academic Support Center to make sure they understand their assignments and are prepared for upcoming exams .The students that pick it up a little quicker, have the ability to then help others get up to speed.  

The team has been fortunate to receive additional help from various faculty members in other courses as well. With the end of the semester quickly approaching, the team is anxiously awaiting the results of the pilot program’s first semester.  With the help of Pehlam and other committed faculty members, the Lady Falcons will likely achieve their goal of an accumulated 3.0 team GPA.