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WDSC, as part of the national FCC Spectrum Auction, must change its transmit frequency.  Currently, WDSC transmits on Channel 33 and will transition to Channel 24.

You, the viewer, watch WDSC on Channel 15. Channel 15 is a virtual channel and you will continue to view WDSC on 15 after we move. Our transmitter installation is “tentatively” scheduled to begin on November 12. Due to numerous complexities of our installation, it is anticipated that WDSC will be off-air for about 10 to 12 days. This will affect antenna, satellite, and some cable viewers. Spectrum Cable and AT&T U-verse viewers will not be affected. A rescan needs to be performed before you can receive our station by antenna. Please go to for rescan information, or you may contact the FCC’s call center for additional information at 1-888-225-5322.  

Check back on our website for updates of when we are transmitting on the new frequency, or you can rescan daily to see if WDSC is back on the air. Satellite and cable users do not have to rescan their televisions, only antenna users need to rescan.

Program Support Campaign

We would like to thank everyone that supported WDSC’s programming campaign.  Our goal for the year was $150,000. While we did not reach our goal, we have received $40,000 as of July 1, 2019.  The staff of WDSC greatly appreciates your help.  Thank you!

Friends are the people in life you can really count on. And for WDSC, our friends are the viewers we count on to help deliver quality programming. As a WDSC member and donor, you are the heart of our membership! Your entire donation goes to the heart of what WDSC is all about, the programs! We cannot do it without you. Please consider becoming a sustaining member or make a one-time donation today that will help WDSC acquire quality programming that you have come to know and love.






Last Updated: 9/25/19