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Peak Employee Performance (PEP) - Systems

From manufacturing to sales, administration, customer service and management, systems are at the core of all successful business operations. what is a system? A system can be as simple as tying your shoe or as complex as the inner workings of a cell phone.

In this dynamic and interactive workshop, we will identify ways to strengthen your existing systems and/or implement new ones to help you work smarter and more efficiently.

  • Expected outcomes include:
  • Reduction of individual and collective stress
  • Improved communication and customer service skills
  • Confidence and understanding of one's personal value
  • Flexibility and adaptability to change
  • Better health and less absenteeism, leading to lower HR expenses
  • Energized morale and company culture
  • Implementation of new technologies for workplace wellness
  • Efficient management of time, finances and other resources
About Your Instructor

Sean Donovan is an entrepreneur who has started several successful businesses, including a mobile auto repair service, real estate brokerage, Class-A contracting company, and currently an "authorpreneur" services business. Sean uses his first-hand experience in business as well as the many lessons he has learned to teach others to maximize their personal and professional productivity. He is author of six published books as well as several personal and professional development programs. His passion for working with people is evident during his enthusiastic and interactive workshops.


Two-hour sessions are conducted monthly at Daytona State College, conveniently during lunch break from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. We even include a healthy lunch.


$250 per employee for 10 sessions OR $25 per session


Daytona State College
1200 W. International Speedway Blvd.
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
Building 150, Room 312

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To register, contact Joanne Parker at 386-506-4224 or



Job Instruction Training (Train the On-Job Trainer)

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Standardized work is widely recognized as a cornerstone to measuring improvement. Each successful completion of a standardized task validates the hypothesis that the work is properly designed, that the worker is adequately trained, and that operating conditions are as the internal and external customer needs them to be. Standardized work provides a foundation upon which deviations from these desired conditions can be most quickly recognized and corrected. It also provides a baseline for continuous improvement (Kaizen) and a foundation for training requirements. This training session will provide an overview of the 4-step Job Instruction Training process with specific focus on the behaviors and characteristics of the various learning styles that are specific to each person.

Job Instruction Training allows the primary process owner to see the major steps, key points and reasons for a specific job as well as identifying learning styles and behavior traits necessary to tailor the training to the individual. Work standards then provide the foundation for employee engagement, continuous improvement and problem solving.

Learning Styles
A good leader/trainer/coach should recognize the different learning styles that exist in the workplace within the different roles and functional areas. Having an awareness of learning styles gives individuals key information on questions to ask, how to ask them and allow for effective 2-way communication, building mutual trust and respect. Understanding how individuals process information and learn also assists in creating the best practice for the standardized work development process. Participants will be part of determining their own learning style/preference looking at characteristics of introversion/extroversion as well as several other preferences.

Practice Simulations
Participants will be able to practice the 4 steps of Job Instruction Training, write job breakdown sheets (major steps, key points and reasons) and work in teams using a practice simulation rotating the role of the observer, trainer, trainee and evaluator. At the end of the session each person will be given an evaluation sheet and the ability to assess how they scored using the Job Instruction Training process.

• Participants learn how all elements of Job Instruction Training help an organization create skilled and engaged work teams capable of solving problems within their area of responsibility.
• Participants understand the principles of job instruction and why on-the-job coaching and development is more effective when learning styles are considered.
• Participants are introduced to the Job Instruction Training steps and how they need to be implemented in the work environment with the added awareness of learning style and behavior-based learning.

You will learn:
• The five basic needs of a Leader/Trainer.
• How to break down work and instruct using the Job Instruction Training 4-step method.
• The practical relationship between standard work, problem solving and continuous improvement.
• The learning styles and preferences to learn/train.
• To develop an awareness of body language and environmental preferences for learning.
• Practice real Job Instruction Training steps using a simulation.
• How to effectively evaluate a trainer to trainee process.

Your Facilitators
Ernie and Tracey Richardson. Ernie was hired at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK) in 1988, as a Production Team Leader and was quickly promoted to Group Leader, Assistant Manager and Manager. He was given the opportunity to move to the Human Resources Department as Manager of the Skill Trades and Maintenance Development program and given the added responsibility of the Human Resources site Safety Department where he developed and established world class safety culture and practices for TMMK. In 2009, Ernie was made acting Medical Director for Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing North America at Toyota's North American Headquarters. Ernie has 29 years of Manufacturing and Human Resources management experience which allows him to see the cultural dynamics from various functional areas of a company. Ernie worked at IBM for 8 years before joining Toyota and is a Faculty member at both the Lean Enterprise Institute and The Ohio State University, Master of Business Operational Excellence program.

Tracey has over 29 years of experience and is also a Faculty member at the Lean Enterprise Institute and The Ohio State University, Master Business Operational Excellence program. Her goal is to develop the capabilities of Team Members, Leadership, and Executives in Lean Thinking that will align their role with the company business plan (Hoshin). These capabilities are vital to sustain a positive relationship between leadership and team members, ensuring mutual trust and respect within the company (Lean culture). Tracey is passionate about assisting organizations who are on the "Lean journey" and wanting support implementing key elements for success. Prior to her time as President of Teaching Lean Inc., Tracey was, for 10 years, in management in the Plastics Department at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky. As a Group Leader her responsibilities were to oversee all team members in safety, quality, productivity, cost, and training and development goals. Tracey is the author of- The Toyota Engagement Equation – Understanding and implementing a continuous thinking environment for any Organization.

Date: April 24 and 25
Time: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Fee & Location:
Daytona State College
1200 W. International Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, 32114

Register Today!
To register, contact Joanne at (386) 506-4224 or We accept checks, credit cards (MasterCard, VISA), purchase orders or company billing for payment.

About Volusia's Best
The Volusia's Best program recognizes outstanding area businesses that meet standards for excellence through training and performance evaluation. To earn the Volusia's Best designation, Volusia businesses complete a personalized training program to encourage performance excellence and continuous improvement.

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