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The Studio arts are an essential cornerstone in developing well-rounded and innovative individuals for both art and non-art majors alike. Students learn the specifics of studio art mediums in a hands-on program designed to develop creative skills while fostering a theoretical and historical understanding of the arts. The fundamental building blocks of all studio art courses are to instill skills in: divergent thinking, creative problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity.

Students learn divergent thinking through self-exploration and personal experimentation. Discovering innovative solutions through examination, education, and perseverance develops creative problem solving skills. Critical thinking skills are honed when students are asked to respond conceptually and formally to challenges with consideration of their own personal experiences and observations. Creativity is fostered through challenging and goal driven projects that are open to individual interpretation and self-exploration. These qualities learned our studio art classes are also skills that are utilized in nearly every aspect of a person’s education, career and journey through life. 

Studio arts include the disciplines of:        

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