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Law Enforcement class, instructor give real-life emergency care

Law Enforcement class, instructor give real-life emergency care

While real-life learning can be a desirable part of many college classes, it came as a big surprise to a group of students learning first aid on Oct. 15 at the Advanced Technology College.   law enforcement class

What seemed an ordinary class night for Basic Law Enforcement students rapidly became an adrenalin-pumped emergency response scene that began with three young children pounding on the front doors screaming for help. 

(TV-13 Oct. 16 news story click here.) 

As students stretched their legs during a class break, a car roared up the drive, barely stopping within feet of the main entrance. Children piled out running for the door as their mother carried her semi-conscious toddler, laying him on the ground, shaking with fear over her son’s condition.

“She clearly thought he was not breathing, having a heart attack, maybe dying,” said Lisa Smith, who was teaching first-aid and CPR to the class.

The students sprang into action, calling for Smith while comforting the mother and finishing her disrupted call to 911. Panicking when her son passed out (likely from a seizure, says Smith), the young mother had spotted the well-lit ATC and thought it was the hospital. 

Timing couldn’t have been more amazing, with the class on break to hear the cries for help and, as importantly, to haveLt. Paramedic Smith in class for first aid instruction. She has worked for Volusia County EMS since 2004 and taught for the college’s Emergency Medical Services program since 2007. 

Smith, who quickly came down and accessed the boy, finding him semi-responsive but recovering, praises her class.“These students got the ball rolling and took care of everything; I am so proud of their actions, their care with this family and their appropriate response to an emergency situation.” 

All ended well; Daytona Beach Fire and Volusia County EMS/EVAC responded quickly, taking the mom and child to the hospital where he stabilized and soon went home. 

“This is what we do every day,” Smith explained. “It just happened to be the right time, the right place and the right responders for this little boy and his family. Our students are clearly ready to be part of the first-responder team.” 

Noting that BLE Class 49 graduates Nov. 21, School of Emergency Services Director Louie Mercer feels gratified that the students performed so well. “We work them pretty hard and expect a lot from their performance - for this very reason: people will count on them every day in life-threatening situations. We’re all very proud of this class and of our hundreds of graduates serving the community.”      



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(Oct. 30, 2013)

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