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Falcon Spotlight - Chris Gebhardt

Chris Gebhardt

Chris Gebhardt, 2014

  • Coordinator, Writing Center
  • DSC employee since:  August 2010

Degrees and schools where awarded: Bachelor of Arts in English and American Cultural Studies, Stetson University

Career/Professional honors: Recognized in April 2010 by the Johnson Space Center, Houston, for outstanding technical reporting on the Space Shuttle Program.

Outside interests:  The world’s space programs, astronomy, science and technology, science fiction, writing, cultural studies, geo-politics

What did you do prior to joining Daytona State College? I was the story editor and Kennedy Space Center Correspondent for

What professional projects are you working on right now? A study on developmental/basic writer education and student support/classroom intervention with Dr. Megan O’Neill from Stetson University

What has been the most rewarding thing about your Daytona State College experience?  The opportunity for professional and personal growth and the counsel of my direct and indirect supervisors in the Division.

What is one goal you still hope to achieve in your career? To become a TV writer.

In life? To visit every continent on Earth (and as many countries/cultures as possible). (Ideally, if it’s ever cheap enough, to travel to space/Earth orbit.)

What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten? If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn’t be called life.

One thing people are surprised to find out about me is:  I am actually a very shy person.

Last book read:  Psyched to Death by Meg Perry

If they could bottle your personality what would the label read? Not suitable for all situations

Who are the four people in the history of the world you most admire?  Charles Darwin, Astrophysicist and Author Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Winston Churchill, Yuri Gagarin (the first human to orbit the earth).

The Daytona State of Mind to me means opportunity.

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