Daytona State College To Play Daytona Bats


Daytona State College To Play Daytona State Bats

The Lady Falcon Softball team will be in action this Saturday as they take on the Eagles of Embry-Riddle at 1pm on the Daytona State College campus. 

In addition to the match up of these Daytona Beach collegiate ball clubs, the Falcons will have an opportunity to experience the game of softball in a unique manner.  Daytona State will compete against the Daytona Bats at 3pm directly following their game against Embry-Riddle. 

The Daytona Bats are a group of men and women that are either blind or visually impaired.  These athletes due to their impairment play a variation of baseball, called beep ball. 

Beep ball is played with a beeping ball and bases that beep as well.  The beeping ball allows batters to swing based off of the increased volume of the beeps as the ball nears.   Additionally, the fielders use the same sensation to field the ball as it approaches them.  Runners are directed around the base pads by the beeping sound of the bases.

The Lady Falcons will simulate blindness by wearing a blindfold as they bat and take the field.  With their vision impaired, the Daytona State players will too rely solely on their sense of hearing to hit and field the ball.

Daytona State College invites spectators to come out Saturday and experience this unique approach to the game that allows those with visual disabilities to enjoy America’s favorite past time.

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