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Constitution of the Student Government Association

Article I

Mission Statement

The Student Government Association shall be established in order to represent and serve the diverse student body of Daytona State College. The SGA shall promote the development of leadership and organizational skills, provide a medium of communication between students and administration, and facilitate and assist with clubs, services and other activities throughout the college community.

Article II


To be eligible for a position on the Executive Board or the Senate, a student must be currently enrolled in at least two bachelors, college credit or certificate classes in any delivery format. Executive Board candidates must have a minimum Daytona State College cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.5 and Senate candidates must have a minimum DSC GPA of 2.0 at the time of application and must maintain applicable GPAs while in office. Students seeking a regional campus Executive Board or Senator position must be enrolled in at least one course at the given campus that they will represent. Any student who is seeking an Executive Board Position must have completed 12 credit hours at Daytona State College. Dual enrolled and Adult High School students are not eligible to hold Executive Board or Senate positions. Any student who is seeking a Student Representative position must complete an application and be in good standing with the college.

If an officer fails to maintain the applicable GPA requirement after the first semester in office, the officer will be placed in a probationary status for the first half of the following semester of enrollment. During the probationary period, the officer may continue performing his or her duties, but may not participate in college-sponsored travel. The advisor shall conduct a mid-term academic progress report. If the mid-term progress report indicates that the student is making satisfactory progress toward regaining the required minimum GPA, the officer will no longer be on probation. If unsatisfactory, the officer will no longer be eligible to hold office.  

First Time in College students who are taking their first semester of classes and meet Article II criteria other than a Daytona State College GPA, may seek a senate position on a probationary period. The probationary period will extend for the first semester in which the student has been appointed to office. The advisor shall review grades at the end of the semester and determine whether the officer meets Article II criteria.  

Section 1.1

The Student Government Association shall adhere to the college’s non-discrimination statement, which prohibits discrimination and assures equal access, equal educational opportunity and equal employment opportunity to all persons regardless of age, ancestry, belief, color, disability, ethnicity, genetic information, gender, marital status, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sex, sexual preference and veteran status.

Article III

Section 1.1
Officers and Their Respective Duties

Each Student Government Officer shall have an individual title with specific duties to assist in the functioning of the SGA as a whole, and shall be responsible for organizing and participating on committees to assist the administration of these duties. All Student Government Officers shall use Robert’s Rules of Order, as a guide, and have a good working knowledge of the SGA Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules of Order. Positions and responsibilities shall be as follows:

Executive Officer Positions

President: The President shall be responsible for ensuring that proper procedure is followed and shall conduct all meetings of the SGA with a nonpartisan view.

In addition, the President shall:

Executive Vice President: The Executive Vice President shall act as a direct liaison between Branch Campus Vice Presidents and the SGA.

Executive Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for recording the roll and minutes at all SGA meetings, and shall receive all correspondence addresses to SGA

Executive Treasurer: The treasurer of SGA shall be responsible for maintaining the treasury of SGA.

Vice President (5) of Regional Campuses: Each one of the branch campuses Vice Presidents shall serve as liaisons between their respective regional campus senators and the Daytona Beach Campus and work closely with the branch campus senators to help in the planning of activities and events.

These Vice Presidents shall include:

(1) Flagler/Palm Coast
(2) New Smyrna- Edgewater
(3) DeLand
(4) Deltona

(5)Advanced Technology College

Senator Positions

Senator of Activities: The Senator of Activities shall be responsible for working with the President and Executive Vice President in drafting and implementing ideas for events and activities that represent the student bodies’ needs and ideas.

Senator of Public Relations: The Senator of Public Relations shall be responsible for promoting awareness and involvement between the SGA and the off-and-on campus communities.

Senator of Athletics: The Senator of Athletics shall serve as the liaison between the SGA and the Athletics department, coordinating activities between the two.

Senator of Academic Affairs and Student Services: This Senator shall evaluate and act as an advocate for students’ interests in services being offered by departments such as Food Services, Security, the Bookstore, Counseling Center, Physical Plant, and Disabled Student Services to ensure that the needs of the students are properly met.

Parliamentarian: The Parliamentarian shall be appointed by the president. The Parliamentarian shall advise officers on procedures, may question business transactions to ensure that proper procedures are followed, serve as a consultant to the chair, and state rulings of controversial votes and elections.

Senators (5) of Regional Campuses: The Senator for each Regional Campus shall report directly to the Regional Campus Vice President and work closely together on projects for that campus and shall plan activities and events to benefit students on the campus he or she represents.

These Senators include:

(1) Flagler/Palm Coast,
(2) Edgewater/New Smyrna Beach
(3) DeLand
(4) Deltona
(5) ATC

Section 2
Nominations and Elections

Nominations and Elections shall be conducted according to the SGA By-Laws.

Section 3.1
Terms of Office

The term of office for all SGA members shall be one academic year barring any unforeseen circumstances such as resignation or impeachment. The term limit for SGA Executive Board and Senators is two complete academic years.  Article IV of the SGA By-Laws provide for an exception to the two-year term limit under limited and specific circumstances.

Section 3.2

Any vacancies shall be filled by presidential appointment. All candidates for filling vacancies must undergo the same application process as a candidate for election. The president must submit the application to the adviser to check qualifications prior to making an official appointment.

Section 3.3

Impeachments shall be conducted according to the Impeachment procedure outlined in the SGA By-Laws.

Article IV

Section 1.1
Organization of Board

The Student Government Association shall consist of:

  1. The Executive Board, consisting of the President, Vice Presidents, Treasurer and Executive Secretary.
  2. The SGA board, consisting of up to 17 voting members.   
  3. Student Committees organized by the SGA.
  4. Representatives recommended by the SGA to serve on Administrative Committees.

Section 2.1
SGA Meetings

The SGA shall hold weekly meetings to be held at the Daytona Beach Campus, Building 130, Room # 154 at a date and time agreed upon by majority vote by the SGA Board. All elected officers are expected to attend these meetings. Article V of the SGA By-Laws provide for alternative meeting expectations for regional campus officers.

Article V

Section 1.1

This Constitution and its bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the SGA. Any officer of SGA may propose an amendment. Amendments must be submitted in writing to the President or Executive Vice President and the SGA adviser prior to the proposed amendment being placed on the agenda.  If the amendment is approved by a two-thirds majority, the SGA secretary is responsible for ensuring that the changes are incorporated into the constitution by the following SGA meeting. Once the amendment has been incorporated into the constitution, the secretary is responsible for distributing the amended constitution to all SGA officers and the  advisors by the following SGA meeting. 

Article VI

Section 1.1
Purpose and Scope of SGA Constitution

The purpose and scope of the SGA Constitution shall be to serve as the overall guiding document for SGA procedures. This Constitution shall supersede the SGA By-Laws if any conflicts arise between the By-Laws and the Constitution.  

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