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Frequently Asked Criminal Justice Questions

Q. What is my first step for enrolling in the A.S. Degree?

A: If you attended your academy training at Daytona State College, then visit Admissions to be sure you are still designated an active student at the college. If you are inactive, it is a simple process to activate your status so you can enroll in classes. If you have not taken any classes at Daytona State College, contact Admissions to get admitted as a student at Daytona State College.

Q. How do I get into the Criminal Justice Technology Bridge Program?

A: Academic Advising will be able to enter you into the program. It is important that you are admitted under the 2039 program code, especially if you previously graduated from Daytona State’s Law Enforcement or Corrections Academy.  Ensure that your advisor changes your program code to reflect the Criminal Justice Technology Bridge program.

Q. What courses should I take first?

A: While enrolling in criminal justice courses sounds like a good idea at first, some students tend to put off enrolling in the required general education courses. If it’s been a while since you’ve been in school, or if you are new to online classes, take one or two criminal justice courses first to get back into the swing of things, then enroll in the required general education courses and get them out of the way. While English composition, literature may not be your strong point, almost every college course you will take requires that you write papers – and write them well. Completing the English and math requirements early will help you in your future courses, making them all a little easier to complete successfully.

Q. Is financial aid available?

A: Financial aid is available in many forms. Discuss your personal situation with a Financial Aid counselor and decide on the best course of action. If you are working for a public safety agency, check into their educational reimbursement programs.

Q. I have credits from other colleges I attended in the past. Can they be credited toward my degree?

A: Student Records will help determine what credits can be transferred from other institutions. Each student is handled on a case-by-case basis. Your previous school must  submit an official transcript directly to Student Records for evaluation. Talk to them about the specifics of that process. While you are waiting for a determination on outside credits, you can still register and attend Daytona State College.

Q. How do I get the 24 credits for my academy and State Exam transferred to my degree?

A: Assuming that you are currently registered at Daytona State College, simply contact Todd Tiehen for transfer of credit. The transfer can occur at any time after you start the degree, but you also must be shown in the Criminal Justice Technology Bridge program (Program Code 2039.) We submit your transcript and your FDLE Global Profile Sheet showing your academy completion and your state exam results, and in a few weeks, the credits appear on your transcript.  

Q. I have taken classes in the military, through FDLE, and at three or four other colleges. Can I just get my academy credit and graduate without taking any more courses?

A: The short answer is “no.” To qualify for transfer credit, you must be currently enrolled and taking classes, and there are other requirements for graduation, including a minimum number of classes or hours that you must have taken at Daytona State College. Most FDLE training courses do not qualify for college credit. (If you have taken Instructor Techniques, you still have to take Oral Communication; if you have taken Advanced Report Writing, you still have to take English Composition.)

Q. I would like to transfer to a four-year degree program at Daytona State College - what must I have to enroll?

A: Please contact Advising & Admissions for further information.

Q. I would like to transfer to another four-year University or College - what type of degree do I need?

A: Please contact Advising & Admissions for further information.

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