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Text Books for Fall 2013

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 Course:  ACG3024 Accounting for Non-financial Majors

acg3020Title: Accounting: What the Numbers Mean, 7th Edition
Please note: You may also use the 8th Edition if you own it already
Author: Marshall/McManus/Viele
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN-10: 0073011215
ISBN-13: 9780073011219




Course: BUL3130 Legal, Ethical & Social Aspects

bul3130Title: Law, Business, and Society, 10th Edition
Author: McAdams
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN-10: 0073525006
ISBN-13: 9780073525006





Course: GEB3213 Business Writing

geb3213Title: Contemporary Business Communication, 6th Edition
Author: Ober
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
ISBN-10: 0618472525
ISBN-13: 9780618472529




Course: GEB4891 Strategic Planning and Decision Making

geb4891Title: Fundamentals of Strategic Management
Author: Parthasarthy
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
ISBN-10: 0618427597
ISBN-13: 9780618427598





GEB-4930 Section PM taught by Grady Meeks - Please contact instructor for course pack information.


GEB4930 All Sections Taught by Nicole Brown - use the below listed Book

geb4930 sect02Course: GEB4930 Selected Topics in Management  
Title: Management of Electronic Media, 4th Edition
Author: Alan B. Albarran
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing
ISBN-10: 049-5-56942-9
ISBN-13: 978-0-495-56942-8





GEB4930 all sections taught by John Longshore use the two books listed below:

Course: GEB4930 Selected Topics in Management (Two Books)

geb49301Title: Lean Six Sigma for Service
Author: Michael L. George
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN-10: 0071418210
ISBN-13: 9780071418218





Title: Annual Editions: Entrepreneurship, 5th Edition
Robert W. Price






GEB4930 All Sections Taught by Jackson Musyimi - use the below listed book

Course: GEB4930 Selected Topics in Management 

geb49301Title: Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Global Issues (Taking Sides)
Author: James E. Harf, Mark Owen Lombardi
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN-10: 0073527246
ISBN-13: 9780073527246








GEB4930 All Sections Taught by Rita Avinger- No book required


 Course: ISM4011 Introduction to Management Information Systems

ism4011Title: Business Driven Information Systems, 3rd Edition
Author: Oz
Publisher: Course Technology/Cengage Learning
ISBN-10: 0073376825
ISBN-13: 9780073376820





Course: MAN3240 Organizational Behavior

man3240Title: Organizational Behavior - emerging knowledge and practice for the real world, 5th Edition
Author: McShane/Von Glinow
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN-10: 0073381233
ISBN-13: 9780073381237





Course: MAN3353 Management Theory and Practice

man3353Title: Management: A Practical Introduction, 2nd Edition
Author: Kinicki/Williams
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN-10: 0073138967
ISBN-13: 9780073138961





Course: MAN4120 Section PM taught by Grady Meeks - Please contact instructor for course pack information.

All other sections of MAN4120 Leadership Challenges and Supervision use the book listed below:

 man3353Title: Practicing Leadership, 4th Edition
Author: Shriberg/Shriberg
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN-10: 047008698X
ISBN-13: 9780470086988





 Course: MAN4162 Customer Relations

man4162Title: Relationship Selling, 2nd Edition
Author: Johnston/Marshall
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN-10: 0073529818
ISBN-13: 9780073529813





Course: MAN4301 Human Resource Management

man4301Title: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
Author: Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, and Wright
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN-10: 007325794x
ISBN-13: 9780073257945





Course: MAN4504 Operational Decision Making

man4504Title: Operations Management: Contemporary Concepts and Cases, 5th Edition
Author: Schroeder, Goldstein, and Rungtusanatham
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN-10: 0073403385
ISBN-13: 9780073403380






Course: MAN4900 Capstone Project in Supervision and Management

MAN4900 section PM taught by Grady Meeks - please contact instructor for course pack information. 

All other sections for MAN4900
No Book Required

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