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SACS Corner

1) What does SACSCOC stand for?

2) The on-site SACSCOC review committee is comprised of how many members?

3) When will the Diamond Jamboree be held?

4) What does the acronym FTIC represent?

5) The QEP's new course SLS1101 is targeted toward which group of students?

6) Which key gatekeeper course is taken simultaneously with the QEP course SLS1101?

7) Which three resources will be highlighted in the QEP course SLS1101?

8) Who from SACSCOC is Daytona State College's staff liaison?

9) Who is Daytona State College's QEP Director?

10) The QEP's subject is Learn to SOAR; what does the acronym stand for?

11) How is academic risk defined?

12) What are two important things everyone should remember to do during the SACS visit?

13) How many years between each accreditation cycle?

14) What does the acronym TIDES stand for?

15) What is the College's Mission Statement?

Please email your answers to by September 23, 2013, at 5 p.m. Those with correct answers will be eligible to be in a drawing to win a prize.

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