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How to Register (Drop/Add/Withdraw) for Classes Online

Daytona State College encourages all students to register and make schedule adjustments (adding, dropping, withdrawing) from classes online. Registering for classes from any Internet location is available 7 days a week.

Simply click on the “MYDAYTONASTATE” link that is located toward the top right-hand side of this webpage. Log-in the MyDaytonaState webpage by entering your Falcon Username and Password. If you have not used the MYDAYTONASTATE website before, then click on the LOGIN button that is at the top of that website to retrieve your Falcon Username and then enter the Default Password: Dsc (Capital D, lowercase s, lowercase c)  + Your birthdate in MMDDYY format + the last five digits of your social security number. Example: Birthdate of January 1, 1990 with a social of 123-45-6789 the password would be Dsc01019056789  


  • Sign into the MyDaytonaState portal using your Falcon Username and Password (use the Default Password if you have never used the site). Then select the FalconNet tab from the menu bar.
  • Choose the Registration link that is located in the left-hand navigation menu, then Class Registration.
  • Review the Important Message About Your Tuition payment. Afterwards, click on the confirmation box that you have read and understand the payment policies. Then click CONTINUE.
  • Select the appropriate Session and Year, then click on Enter Registration.
  • If at this time you receive a message preventing you from accessing registration due to a hold, please see Holds to understand the various holds that might prevent you from proceeding. A hold may be placed for something as simple as the need to complete the orientation process, as well as holds for a more serious situation such as an outstanding tuition bill. To resolve the issue, contact the office that placed the hold for more information. 
  • Next, enter the first course code and section number (ex. ENC1101 and then 03 for the section), or enter just the course reference number (however do not mix and match). Note: If you choose to register using the reference number, you will not need to input the course code and section number. If you need to look up a section number; enter the course code first, then select the gray "?"mark button (located in the SEC# column) to lookup course section numbers. Alternative option: look up courses and/or sections by clicking on Search Courses link (this link is also located in the left hand navigation bar, under QuickLinks menu)
  • Click on Add Course.
  • If you are selecting a course for which you are not eligible to take, you may receive a Registration Restriction message. Please see Registration Restrictions for more detailed explanations of possible reasons why you are being prevented from registering for certain courses.
  • When you have added the course(s) and completed your course selection, scroll down toward the bottom of the screen and you will be able to view your personal course schedule, along with the drop/withdraw deadlines for each class.
  • When “dropping” or “withdrawing” from a course, click in the circle ("radio button") next to the class. Then click on the Drop/Withdraw button. This must be done for each class you are dropping or withdrawing from. You can “drop” a class with no financial or grade penalty prior  to the end of the add/drop period for the term; if you drop a class after the add/drop period has ended it will be considered a “withdrawal” and you will be charged the entire cost of the course, will receive a “W” letter grade, and it will be considered an attempt. When you “withdraw” from a course, a brief survey will appear that must be answered and submitted in order to process the withdrawal. For more detailed information regarding the difference between a Drop and a Withdraw, click here.
  • When you have reviewed your schedule and are satisfied with the courses you have selected, click on Schedule and Fee Statement. Select the appropriate Session and Year, then click Submit. Please pay special attention to the start date of your classes as the college has multiple start dates during the semester. Your course/fee statement now appears on the screen. This shows your courses, applicable tuition, as well as, the date your fees are due. If this shows a tuition amount due, and you believe you have financial assistance, please check with the Financial Aid Office or the Office of Student Accounts to make sure all documents are in order for payment.
  • If you would like to make a credit card payment online, click on the Click Here to Make Payment button. Enter all account information. Then click CONTINUE.
  • Congratulations! You have just been successful in reserving your classes. Registration is complete once tuition and fees are paid in full.

**Please remember that all bills must be paid or deferred by the due date on the bill to prevent cancellation of your enrollment.


For more information, contact the Registration Office:

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