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QUANTA - How it Works

QUANTA Final Project

QUANTA is a small, nationally recognized learning community that combines several traditional courses under a common theme offering students the challenge of seeing and exploring the relationships and ideas between seemingly unrelated subjects.

You will participate in groups with other students to share ideas and explore a multitude of viewpoints. This sense of community will help you to develop a greater sense of involvement with other students and your professors, while the group skills that you gain will be invaluable to you later in the workplace.

QUANTA provides a convenient schedule due to its unique nature. You will register for three distinct classes (an English course, a cultural arts course and a critical thinking course [fall] or political science course [spring]), which meet from 9:30 AM -12:20 PM on Monday and Wednesday with an online component. Unlike a regular class schedule, you will not move from one class to another. Instead, the three classes are integrated into one, holistic learning experience with a common theme. For example, during the fall semester the theme is "American Tribes: Individualism, Community, and Democracy," where the courses jointly focus on the human journey to discover who we are and how we relate to others in society.

There are two Semesters of QUANTA

Fall 2014 Semester

Spring 2015 Semester

Theme: "American Tribes: Individualism, Community, and Democracy"

Theme: "World Under Construction: Politics, Religion, and the Self"

ENC1101 - College Composition

ENC1102 - Literature and Composition

SLS2505 - Critical Thinking

REL2300 - World Religion

AML2060 - Contemporary American Literature

CPO2001 - Comparative Government

There are no QUANTA classes held during the Summer semesters.

QUANTA courses satisfy general education requirements for all majors in Associate of Arts (AA) degree programs.  For more details on how QUANTA applies to the AA and what other courses can be taken with a QUANTA course load, come this way.

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