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What other students have said about their QUANTA experience

Source: Anonymous student course evaluations

Looking back on my first year of college, I think that I would not have been as successful this year if I hadn't taken this program.  I simply wasn't ready for the college atmosphere and all the stress it would bring.  By integrating the classes, the course load didn't seem quite as much and the class seemed more like I was only taking one class rather than three.  With the classes integrated, I never had to worry about having to tests on one day, which was a big relief.

The first day of college for me was quite an exciting time.  Not knowing what to expect I entered QUANTA feeling cold and alone.  But soon I was thrust into a home group with four other scholars who were equally concerned and soon I realized that we must unite or die.  So we united.  We formed a home group who could match wits with anybody in the business, and we had class too.  Get it class too.  And in the tight knit posse of friends I learned two things about Quanta.  How to survive it and how to enjoy it.  But by far through all the research I have conducted QUANTA is the best transition from high school to college.

I remember the first day of QUANTA.  I was the second student to arrive in the classroom, and I was extremely anxious.  I remember going around the classroom meeting my new classmates.  I thought that was a very good way to get to know everyone.  When we were placed in the home groups it made me feel good, because I love to work with people.  I have definitely learned that I am a better group student than an individual student.  I also must add that I will always be fond of my original "2-C" group members.  We got along so well that we did not even want to miss a single day, and we did not.  We were such a strong team, because of the different personality types within the group.  We also had the ability to accept each other for who we are.

I have learned a great deal about myself during the two semesters of QUANTA.  I learned that at the age of thirty-five, I could work with and create wonderful ideas with a diverse group of people mostly consisting of a much younger age.  I respected them for who they are and received a great deal of respect in return.  This aspect of QUANTA made me both confident and proud.

I will often reflect on the relationships developed in QUANTA this semester.  I admired the diversity of the group.  Each individual brought with them their unique way of looking at the different issues.   Each perception carried a critical view, for in the end it was generally a combination of all views that provided a deeper insight.

The most important lesson I've learned in my past two semesters of QUANTA is the ability to function within a group.  Until this past year I've always been unproductive in group settings.  I found it difficult to express my ideas and present them with some validity.  The use of small groups, working together to achieve a common goal, is by far the most beneficial teaching aid the facilitators ever used.  I was given the tools to operate efficiently and effectively within a group.  Now I can assume any role required to make a group that I'm assigned to function.   I can just as easily be a group leader as I can be a contributor or recorder.  The ability to function as a team with any group of individuals is my greatest gift from QUANTA.

QUANTA showed me that I could be part of a group and still express my individuality.  I also gained greater insight into the issues presented in class by having discussions with other students and experiencing their different viewpoints.

The home groups were vital to my survival in QUANTA.  Without some of the beautiful spirits that I met in class, I doubt that I would be doing as well as I am.  I have made friendships that I believe will truly last a lifetime.

In conjunction with expanding my thinking, group learning also taught me to turn to peers for help or suggestions.  Learning from my peers was sometimes better than asking a teacher; in turn, my friend could speak in terms that I would understand, as well as, relate the problem to something I could relate to.

When I reflect on my memories of QUANTA, mainly from the fall semester, I recall much tension.  This was not only from the heavy work load which I was not accustomed to, but also from trying to feel comfortable enough to fully express myself around people I barely knew.  On the other hand, I can also recall many laughs and enjoyable moments, such as role-playing.  Many of the friends I made will never be forgotten.  The diversity of personalities and backgrounds definitely played a large role in making the entire experience so enduring.

The atmosphere of QUANTA is friendly and almost family orientated.  Everyone is friendly towards one another and willing to lend a hand when needed.  I used to always be cautious around others.  Now that I am finishing QUANTA I find myself more relaxed around people and more trusting.  Also, I found learning for me was easier with others.  We were able to test each other and meet at each other's house for study groups.  However, I found that sometimes working in a group, especially in class, would become a bit stressful on me.  There are so many types of personalities in QUANTA that there is bound to be a clash of ideas.  However, by using the techniques that our professors taught us on active listening and win-win situations.  I learned to validate others opinions even when I didn't agree with them.

I am not the type of student who likes to participate in groups.  QUANTA definitely changed this for me.  I learned that each person in a group could bring in new ideas that you might have never thought of.  I am also no longer afraid of having the wrong answer.

I have discovered that people of a variety of ages and backgrounds can work well together within a classroom setting.  In my experience, the differences became unnoticeable once we started working and got to know each other as people, not only members of stereotypical groups.  All three professors were available to answer any questions during office hours, and I felt comfortable approaching any one of them for assistance or advice.  A primary positive aspect of the QUANTA Community is that the students feel that the instructors get to know them as people instead of just faces.

Many students attend class for an entire semester, and when they are asked at the end of the semester what instructor they had, they wouldn't even remember their instructor's name.  This is due mostly in part to the impersonal atmosphere and teaching style utilized in the class.  In QUANTA, I have three "teacher/facilitators" who I call by their first name.  They are very friendly and encourage the formation of personal relationships with their students.  They care about their students and encourage them to ask questions and speak about different viewpoints during class.  This relaxed and friendly atmosphere is what makes QUANTA so special.  I find it easier to learn under less stressful situations and from teachers who are excited about what they are teaching.

Making up skits in QUANTA taught me to overcome my inhibitions and to just let it all out.  I am really glad we were pushed to go up and act in front of an audience.

  One of the things I was most impressed with was the course material.  Though it was very challenging at times, I never felt like the work was impossible.  I learned more about culture and art in this one year than I ever had in high school. English was probably the most involved subject in QUANTA, especially first semester.  However, by the end of the semester, I was able to write a decent five hundred word essay in less that an hour.  I have found this to be very beneficial to me in the classes, which I have taken outside of QUANTA.

Some of the other students in QUANTA feel that the work is overwhelming, but I discovered that through the integration of classes, it all relates to one another, which makes content easier to understand.  The interactions with the other students are helpful to me because they can sometimes pick up ideas easier that I can and share them with me.  The tests reflect all of the course content and when studying for them, I found that it is easiest to study with other people.  We share our thoughts and collect more information from each other to have elaborate answers for tests.

I have learned the connections between the things I learned at school and my life.  Before in school I would learn facts about a subject and retain them only long enough to regurgitate them for a test.  Now in school I can relate concepts with others within a subject between subjects or even within my own life.  School and learning is not static anymore.  It is quite dynamic.  School is now, more than ever a continual process.  The learning and understanding goes well beyond the lesson.  This is something I will take with me always.  School and my life the past and the future will never be separate again.

The world of QUANTA is more than three subjects put together; it is a community where people grow together.  I feel I have learned more through QUANTA than I have in any other class.  I think this is due to the interactions with others, and the feeling that there is no right answer, just possibilities.

Take the second semester even if you don't need the classes or you will regret it.  Broaden your mind and your path now----don't wait!

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