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What are Learning Communities?

A Learning Community is a nurturing, supportive educational environment that is the outcome of organizing courses and related educational activities in such a way that:

  • Any participating group of students spend more time together than they would if they were only in a single course together;
  • Courses and activities are linked to one another, and;
  • Faculty and staff are sensitive and responsive to students' education needs.

Learning Communities are curricular redesigns that link or cluster classes during a given term around a central, often interdisciplinary, theme or question and enroll a common cohort of students. This represents an intentional restructuring of students' time, credit and learning experiences to foster more explicit intellectual connections between students, between students and their faculty, and between disciplines.

The fundamental characteristics of learning communities are that:

  • they intentionally create a community of students who enroll together in two or more common courses, and;
  • the curriculum structures are reconceived so that faculty and students have more time together and work in an environment that promotes collaboration and meaningful engagement.

Learning Communities help students:

  • Easily build a convenient class schedule
  • Meet general education requirements
  • Make friends through small group interaction
  • Coordinate homework so they don't get overwhelmed
  • Earn credit in two courses with common assignments
  • Enjoy closer interaction with faculty
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Practice team building - a skill employers look for in new hires

At Daytona State, we have two types of learning communities:

Linked Classes and QUANTA

For more information about all Daytona State College Learning Communities, please contact the Chair, Maggie Karda, (386) 506-4219, kardam@DaytonaState.edu.

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