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3nd Annual NISOD Virtual Conference [CLICK TO REGISTER]

NISOD 2019 Virtual Conference

Make plans now to attend NISOD's 3rd Annual Virtual Conference with your Daytona State College colleagues, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM CDT on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 on the Daytona Beach campus. Virtual Conference participants will be able to see and hear high-quality, handpicked sessions chosen from outstanding presentations made at NISOD's annual International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence. The virtual conference will be streamed online and participants will have the opportunity to virtually attend any or all of the sessions offered while discussing concepts and strategies with other Daytona State College faculty and staff in a collegial and supportive environment. Participants are welcome to come and go throughout the day as their schedule allows. 

2019 Virtual Conference Schedule:

All times in EDT

Session 1 (9:00 – 9:50 AM)
Faculty Onboarding: Celebrating Successes and Lessons Learned While Creating a Program From Scratch
In 2016, Calhoun Community College created a three-year faculty onboarding program. Come learn more about the program, the rationale behind it, and the framework used to support new faculty. Hear about our successes and lessons learned and generate ideas for starting your own program or improving an existing one.
Jennie Walts, Director, Faculty Development, Calhoun Community College

Session 2 (10:00 - 10:50 AM)
Increasing Adjunct Faculty Satisfaction and Effectiveness
The topic of adjunct faculty satisfaction and effectiveness is an important area of concern for higher education institutions nationwide, and particularly for community colleges, since they are more dependent on adjunct faculty to deliver academic content. This session focuses on ways colleges can increase the teaching effectiveness and satisfaction of adjunct faculty by providing specific institutional supports and resources.
Melodie Hunnicutt, Adjunct Faculty, Psychology, Midlands Technical College

Session 3 (11:00 - 11:50 AM)
Get Them Involved! The Key to Keeping Your Students Focused
This session involves participants in fun and easy activities that keep you focused and provide classroom-tested examples of ways to keep your students focused in your classes. Activities lend themselves well to music appreciation classes, but can be adapted for any discipline. Use them to make your classes more engaging, enjoyable, and effective.
Allen Webber, Professor, Music, Palm Beach State College

Session 4 (12:00 - 12:50 PM)
Covert Quizzes: Quizzing in Generation Z
Explore what is meant by the term "quiz," the essential purposes quizzes serve, and a few methods of quizzing that don't necessarily need to be called a quiz. Technologies such as Kahoot, Plickers, and Poll Everywhere are discussed, along with concrete examples of how and why such technology should be used in the classroom to specifically address Generation Z students.
Nathan Swink, Associate Professor, Behavioral Sciences, Butler Community College

Session 5 (2:00 - 2:50 PM)
Helping Students "Fail Forward"
What is failure? Why do students fail? How can we help students overcome failure? Participants identify and discuss strategies to help students reframe their failures and continue on to achieve academic success.
Barbara LeBranch, Director, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, Seminole State College of Florida

Session 6 (3:00 - 3:50 PM)
New Technologies That Help Improve Outcomes in Distance Courses
Discover less-familiar, inexpensive technologies you can use to create interactive and action-oriented activities and presentations for students in distance courses.
Kathrynn Hollis-Buchanan, Associate Professor, Business and Accounting, Kodiak College

Session 7 (4:00 - 4:50 PM)
Looking for Apps to Engage Your Students? Join Us as We Share 50 Tools
Looking for apps to engage students in today's modern classroom? This session is for you! Join the presenter as he shares 50 tools in 50 minutes that help incorporate technology into your workflow.
Robert McWilliams, Coordinator, Instructional Design, Bishop State Community College

Session 8 (5:00 - 5:50 PM)
Smartphones, Brain Science, and Gamification: Engaging and Retaining Underprepared Learners Through an OER Design
What lessons for building persistence can mobile-friendly online gaming and retail teach higher education? They can help students understand "cognitive load" and how to shift knowledge into long-term memory. Learn how Bossier Parish Community College's (BPCC) open educational resources (OER) refresher courses, built upon cognitive applications for learning, online engagement, and deep-game structure, help power at-risk students toward completion. You'll learn cognitive, science-based strategies for teaching underprepared students and get access to BPCC's free website to take back to your students.
Allison Martin, Director, Institutional Effectiveness Initiatives, Bossier Parish Community College

* Sessions are subject to change.

All sessions will be recorded and available to stream as archived sessions.

2018 Virtual Conference Schedule:

Archived recordings of the 2018 Virtual Conference are available here. 

Best Practices for Engaging 21st-Century Learners
This fun and interactive session is designed for educators who want to connect with the next wave of 21st-century students. We examine the struggles our students face moving from an interactive culture to a one-size-fits-all classroom, after which participants learn about best practices for promoting active learning. Because the classroom is always evolving, the remainder of the presentation focuses on predicting the dynamics of the future classroom.
Linda Schmidt, Chair, Mathematics; Amy Moore, Professor, Mathematics, Spartanburg Community College

Using The Five Languages of Appreciation to Strengthen Student Engagement
"Students don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." Discover secrets for tapping into your students' motivation in the classroom. Learn how to use The Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace in a classroom setting. Session participants leave with concrete strategies and techniques that use the languages of appreciation and motivational theory in and out of the classroom to enhance student engagement and success.
Jeff Johannigman, Coordinator, Faculty Development; Chelsea Biggerstaff, Coordinator, Faculty Development, Austin Community College

The Power of Hope
Hope is the belief that tomorrow will be better than today and that you have the power to make it so. Research has concluded that increasing hope in students leads to a 12 percent gain in academic performance. During this session, participants explore how to help students develop the core competencies of hope, goals, agency, and pathways. Best practices for developing hope in others are shared.
Scott Geddis, Faculty, Health Professions and Wellness, Phoenix College

New Wine in Old Wine Skins: The Impact of Mobile Devices in the Classroom
Mobile devices can detract from the traditional lecture format, but they also present opportunities for greater student engagement. Participants examine the lessons one instructor, accustomed to the traditional lecture format, acquired as a result of a mobile devices initiative at his college. These lessons include using online tools and apps to assess in-class student learning of course content, collaborative learning to foster student engagement, and empirical observation of best practices.
David Toye, Professor, History, Northeast State Community College

Get on Up! Increasing Student Movement and Engagement in Class

Do you want to get students more engaged in your lectures? Following a quick review of Multiple Intelligence Theory, participants explore collaborative-learning exercises that increase your classroom's energy level. Be more student-centered in your approach to teaching. Attend this session to learn easy-to-execute college teaching techniques!Sean Glassberg, Director, Faculty Development, Horry Georgetown Technical College

Invisible Man: How to Effectively Deal With Mental Health Issues in the Classroom
This session helps identify triggers and healthy de-escalation models that can be used in the classroom. Discussed are students' psychological well-being and how to effectively deal with crisis in the classroom. Participants gain knowledge that can be used to provide support and aid in removing the stigma of mental illness in the classroom.
Kamara Taylor, Faculty Lecturer, Cognitive and Learning Sciences, Michigan Technological University

Using Socratic Teaching: Engaging Adult Students to Think Critically
Traditional methods of teaching are mainly centered on the foundational underpinnings of pedagogical theory. Socratic teaching is the most powerful teaching tactic for fostering critical thinking when teaching adults; student engagement is paramount in andragogy. The focus of this session is on simple progressive methods used to teach adult students how to think instead of what to think, which increases students' ability to apply subject matter and enhances their overall learning experience.
Preston Rich, Associate Professor, Business, Collin College

Engaging Teaching Strategies 101
Have you ever sat through an endless faculty meeting that seemed to have no real purpose? Don't put your students through the same suffering! Engaging students in the learning process increases their focus, improves their critical-thinking skills, and helps them become invested in their learning. They (and you) will also have a lot more fun. Join this session to build your arsenal of engaging teaching strategies.
Farrell Jenab, Coordinator, Faculty Development, Johnson County Community College

Innovation Abstracts

This Week’s Issue

In this week's Innovation Abstracts, "Hands-On Scientific Method in an Introductory Psychology Course," Randy Simonson, Professor, Psychology, College of Southern Idaho, explains a method of giving students hands-on experience using the scientific method and performing research.

Access the article here. Username: | Password: nisod102.

NISOD maintains an open call for Innovation Abstracts authors. Share your best programs, projects, and strategies that improve students' higher education experiences as you build your own professional development profile. Innovation Abstracts authors receive a $50 discount to NISOD’s annual International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence! Review the author guidelines today. 

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