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Cross Trainings

Cross Training sessions are provided on a wide variety of topics relevant to the college community and are offered via Microsoft Teams each Friday morning at 8:30 a.m.

Looking for an older cross training session? Check out our archive

Cross Training sessions are coordinated by  Monica Buxo, Student Service Advisor, Admissions.

Cross Training - Spring 2021

Date Topic Presenter(s) Links
2/19/2021 Enrollment Updates                                         Dr. Erik D'Aquino Link
2/26/2021 School of Workforce Frank Snyder Link   PDF
3/5/2021 LSAMP/Student Life Karen Endebrock & Lori Lemoine      Link   
3/12/2021 FAMU Ignite Campaign Randolph Bellamy & John Tornes Link   PDF
4/2/2021     Link   PDF
4/9/2021 Student Accounts & Financial Aid  Cerese Ramos & Heidi Pinney Link   PDF
4/16/2021 Assessment Services & Records/Registration Lisa Satterfield & Enaris Inman Link   PDF
4/23/2021 School of Engineering  Dr.Ron Eaglin Link   
4/30/2021 School of Photography Steven Benson Link   
5/7/2021 Adult Education & Cosmetology  Tanja Pennino & Dee Gay Link   PDF
5/14/2021 Judicial Affairs Keth Kennedy Link   PDF

Cross Training - Fall 2020

Date Topic Presenter(s) Links
9/25/2020 Enrollment Updates & Rapid Credentialing Dr. Erik D'Aquino & Frank Mercer         Link  PDF
10/2/2020 Preferred Name Beth Hoodiman Link  PDF
10/9/2020 Online Success Seminar Kathryn Fulco Link  PDF
10/16/2020 Engaging Underserved Populations Erin LeDuc Link  PDF
11/6/2020 Dual Enrollment Michelle Goldys Link  PDF
11/13/2020 School of Education Dr. Amy Ringue Link  PDF
11/20/2020 Online Training Resources Dr. Kristen Getka Link PDF
12/4/2020 ARMY ROTC Oakland McCullough Link  PDF


Cross Training - Spring 2020

Date Topic Presenter(s) Links
2/7/2020 B.S. Accounting Dr. Max Nagiel Link  PDF
2/14/2020 Alternative Credit/APLE Alicia Alexander & Lisa Satterfield Link  PDF
2/21/2020 Center for Women & Men Erin LeDuc Link  PDF
2/28/2020 Veterans Center Damaris Najeera Link  PDF
3/6/2020 Student Development Update Keith Kennedy Link  PDF
3/20/2020 Dental Assisting Leslie Fehl Link  PDF
3/27/2020 English Language Institute Holly Hollins & Keith Boswell Link  PDF
4/3/2020 Institute of Marine and Environmental Studies Dr. Debrah Woodall Link  PDF


Cross Training - Fall 2019

Date Topic Presenter(s) Links
9/27/2019                 Enrollment Updates                                                                     Dr. Erik D'Aquino Link  PDF      
10/4/2019 Academic Support and Fast Track Courses  Elizabeth Barnes & Richard Vollaro         Link  PDF
10/11/2019 Service Learning Professional Development Program John Brady Link  PDF
10/19/2019 Health Information Technology & Medical Coding/Billing           Linda Moss Link  PDF
10/25/2019 Opticianry Program George Stanley & Melissa Brown Link  PDF
11/1/2019 School of Emergency Services James Jabluszewski Link  PDF
11/8/2019 Adult Education Suzy McDowell & Diana Turner Link  PDF
11/15/2019 University of Florida Dr. Charlotte Emerson Link  PDF
11/22/2019 School of Workforce Frank Snyder Link  PDF


Cross Training - Summer 2019

Date Topic Presenter(s) Links
5/31/2019 Math Pathways Barry Gibson Link  PDF
6/21/2019 Financial Aid and Student Employment Heidi Pinney & Darnie Pietro Link  PDF
6/28/2019 Enrollment Updates Dr. Erik D'Aquino Link  PDF
7/12/2019 Project Management Grady Meeks Link  PDF
7/19/2019 Bachelor Programs Dr. Ronald Eaglin Link  PDF


Cross Training - Spring 2019

Date Topic Presenter(s) Links
2/1/2019 Career Services Dean Howe Link  PDF
2/8/2019 Music Production Dr. Peterson & Aaron Swihart Link  PDF
2/15/2019 College of Health and Public Service Melissa Brown Link  PDF
2/22/2019 School of Hospitality Chef Costa & Lisa Allen Link  PDF
3/1/2019 Computer Science/Building and Architecture Anindya Paul & Mina Karmadi Link  PDF
3/8/2019 BFA vs. BA in Fine and Communication Arts Viktoryia McGrath  Link  PDF
3/22/2019 Institute of Marine and Environmental Studies Dr. Debra Woodall Link  
3/29/2019 University of Florida Articulation Dr. Alycia Ehlert Link  PDF
4/5/2019 Supplemental Instruction & TriO Programs Phyllis Currie & Robert Jacobs Link  PDF
4/12/2019  School of Humanities & Communications Dr. Evan Rivers Link  PDF


For more information, or to volunteer to deliver a Cross Training session please contact Monica Buxo at or 386-506-3309.

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