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The eMentors are a committee of instructors representing nearly all academic departments whose primary focus is to promote and assist other instructors with educational technology by mentoring peers on best practices, instructional design, academic integrity, and course quality. They also serve as a liaison between instructors and the Director for the of Online Studies.

Peer Reviewers are additionally denoted by an asterisk (*). They assist the Director for the Division of Online Studies in performing online course reviews of faculty by applying the Rubric for Online Course Delivery.

Mike Curb College of Music, Entertainment and Art

Trent Berning ext. 3347

School of Behavioral and Social Sciences

*Sally Hansen ext. 2096

*Amy Osmon ext. 2055

School of Biological and Physical Sciences

*Karen Braley ext. 4821

Karen Endebrock ext. 4313

Bruce Maring ext. 2097

*Michael Olson ext. 3808

Diana Tata ext. 3984

School of Computer Science

*Rafael Pallais ext. 4131

School of Education

*Ana Blaine ext. 3188

School of Health and Wellness

Trevor Burns ext. 3435

*Mary Olshefski ext. 3786

School of Humanities and Communication

Michelle Lee ext. 3672

*Jessica Lipsey ext. 3140

James Newell ext. 3848

Harun Thomas ext. 3948

School of Mathematics

*Kim Alacan ext. 2033

Erika Blanken ext. 3919

Ethan Repyneck ext. 6326

Rachel Repyneck ext. 4842

*Jeffrey Zahnen ext. 3555

School of World Languages and Speech

*Keith Boswell ext. 4622

Deborah Hirsh ext. 3174

Rhonda Oehlrich 

School of Student Life Skills

*Krissy Leonard ext. 3018

*Iris Threatt-Milton ext. 3753

Mori Hosseini College of Hospitality and Culinary Management

Nicholas Bellino ext. 3841

Taryn Brown ext. 3967

School of Applied Business

Jerold Braun ext. 3538

Lee Kenyon ext. 3557

Grady Meeks ext. 3856

Rawi Naranong ext. 3211

*Ericka Tillman ext. 3283

Sarah Desormeaux ext. 3574

School of Engineering Technology

*Nabeel Yousef ext. 4123

School of Health Careers

Geraldine Rimstidt ext. 3823

*Bob Wagner ext. 3752

School of Nursing

Deborah Horvath ext. 3705

*Katheryn Csonka ext.3718

School of Dental Sciences

Claire Peterson ext. 2068

School of Computer Science

Christopher Cameron ext. 4123

Anindya Paul ext. 4155

Library Services

A.J. Delgado ext. 3608

*Christina Hastie ext. 2018


Campus Representatives

  • WC: Kim Alacan, Karen Endebrock
  • DTC: 
  • NSB: Ethan Repyneck
  • FPC: 
  • ATC: Christopher Cameron
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