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Issues to be Addressed

Cigarette smoking continues to be a health danger for smokers and non-smokers alike and presents an environmental issue when cigarette butts are not properly disposed but tossed on campus grounds. According to the 2008 Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance Survey, the 18-24 year old population has the highest prevalence of smoking among all age groups. Institutional Research’s “Fast Facts 2011” indicates that 66.8% of our student population is in the 18-25 year old age range. The purpose of our efforts is to stem the risks associated with our specific population here at the College.

Daytona State College continuously strives to provide a healthy, comfortable and well kept environment for students and employees across all campuses. In an effort to expand tobacco cessation and awareness activities and to work toward tobacco-free campuses, it is important to provide continuous education and support in both a caring and memorable manner. Though work has begun toward these goals, there is a need for more College-wide involvement and coordination and also some dedicated support. On-going education and reinforcement of the messages can be accomplished through distribution of print materials, campus-wide communications, special events and educational programs. Also necessary is the development of methods to determine if the goals are being met.

Last Updated: 3/29/13