My Daytona State

Mathematics Syllabi

The following are full course descriptions for our current course list.

MAT0018 PreAlgebra

MAC2311 Calculus I

MAT0028 Elementary Algebra

MAC2312 Calculus II

MAT1033 Intermediate Algebra

MAC2313 Calculus III

MGF2106 College Math

MAP2302 Differential Equations

MGF2107 Mathematics for Liberal Arts

MAD2104 Discrete Mathematics

STA2023 Statistics

MAS3105 Linear Algebra

MAC1105 College Algebra

MAS4203 Number Theory

MAC1114 College Trig

MAS3301 Introduction to Abstract Algebra

MAC1140 PreCalculus

MHF4404 History of Mathematics

MAC2233 Business Calculus

MTG4212 Modern Geometry

MAT0022 Integrated Arithmetic and Algebra

STA4024 Statistics II

Last Updated: 5/16/14