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Outcome Assessment Model

In the Daytona State College IE Framework, each academic department; educational support, student support and community enrichment program; and administrative unit contributes to the process by aligning its outcomes with institutional outcomes. During the planning process units establish a mission and outcomes and ensure congruency with the college’s mission and outcomes. Each unit develops a plan that assesses the effectiveness of the unit and the extent it is achieving its purpose and contributing to the success of the institution. Data from planning and assessment is used in the development of the budget and allocation of resources. Representatives from all units consider how operations, services, and programs support student learning. 

Eight Stages of Outcome Asessment

Within the framework, there is an eight stage model of Outcome Assessment for academic and non-academic units, which includes the mission, outcomes, assessment measures, levels of achievement, strategies, analysis, use of results, and evidence of improvement. The documentation of Outcomes Assessment relies on a five step model, SHINE, which stands for State the outcome, Have a plan, Implement the plan, Next-close the loop, and Evaluate the plan.

Learning Outcomes Assessment Guide

Learning Outcomes Assessment Template

Last Updated: 5/23/13